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House does a Breakfast Club hallway slide into Karen the Yoga Girl's room. Chase and Foreman are there, and they tell House that their patient's leg moved when they inserted a conduction pin for some test that doesn't sound like any fun at all. House makes fun of Karen for the hypocrisy of smoking (which is bad for you) and doing yoga (which is good for you, until you get paralyzed) and uses that information to take a lighter out of her bag, which he then uses to set her foot on fire. Karen the Formerly Paralyzed Victim screams and pulls her leg back. Whoops! Karen insists that she isn't faking, but House calls her a lunatic and he is done with her. Torturing a patient and then insulting her! It's almost like the old House is back.

What's this? House watches the lobby from a heretofore second floor balcony. I guess we get a new balcony with every new season. Can't wait for Season 12! Wilson strolls up to ask House about a little rumor he heard that House was watching surgery with and talking to a patient's family. Cameron may have gotten a new haircut, but her big mouth remains the same. Wilson thinks that this has something to do with House's "hallucination" (was it a hallucination? Seemed more like a dream to me) and wanting to find "meaning" in his life by making people feel better, even if it means not solving some mysterious deadly illness. I think Wilson is just bitter that House didn't take his hair transplant patient. I also think that House should not have told Wilson about his "hallucination," because now Wilson has even more ammo with which to psychoanalyze House and bore the crap out of me. House responds that when Arlene thanked him, he didn't know what he was even supposed to feel. He certainly didn't feel the satisfaction he was apparently looking for. Wilson says that maybe House's empathy muscle, like his leg, is atrophied and will return to normal the more he uses it. Yeah, right. Cameron runs up and tells House that Karen, who the Cottages apparently took the sweet time discharging, is now having breathing difficulties. Cameron thinks Karen actually has something wrong with her this time. House thinks that Karen is "holding her breath like a four-year-old."

That's definitely not the case, as Karen is taking deep dramatic breaths of air when House comes in to check her out. He tells Karen that if she isn't faking her breathing difficulties, then he'll have to stab her with a big scary needle to drain the fluid that must be around her lungs -- without giving her the local anesthetic that Clueless Cameron suggests. Karen won't admit to faking it, so he's about to call her bluff when he notices something in her neck. I can't tell you what, though, as her hair is in the way. But the music tells us that this is significant and scary as House orders the Cottages to lie her down so he can take the needle formerly used for lung fluid removal and slam it into her chest, withdrawing a syringe full of blood. "Problem's in her heart," Cameron tells us. "Can't fake that," House says. Good thing he took her seriously when she first came in, then.

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