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And Cameron will be standing by while House does so in order to make sure that he doesn't tell Arlene any white lies to get permission, such as that he doesn't think Richard has cancer again. At Cameron's prodding, House admits that he does think Richard has cancer. But it's a new cancer. Lucky Richard. It would also mean more radiation and chemo for Richard, which Arlene narrows her eyes at until House leads her to believe that Richard could get some of his brain function back when all is said and done. Arlene is all about signing the consent, basing her decision on the fact that House told her Richard spoke to him. Cameron is once again forced to interfere and inform Arlene that the test could kill her husband. "He's already dead," Wife says, leaving Cameron standing there trying to decide if she should tell Arlene about that awesome Cancer Widows Support Group she goes to.

And so they do the test, which involves injecting a bunch of contrast material into the guy's spine and then putting him in the MRI of DOOOM to see what his brain looks like. Everything looks fine up there until they roll Richard out of the tube and notices that he's bleeding out of his ear. Whoops!

After the commercial, the Cottages inform House that they were able to fix the hemorrhage caused by House's little test and so Richard will live on despite House's best efforts. They want House to drop this case, but, of course, he won't. In fact, he has all of the guy's brain scans up on the wall in chronological order and he's going to look at all of them to figure out what he's missing. He orders the Cottages to redo all of the guy's blood tests and rescan his head. At this, Cameron puts her foot down and refuses. So House assigns the job to Foreman, who also refuses. Mutiny! House turns to Chase, who doesn't know how to defy authority figures. Chase pauses for a second and then, sure enough, asks House what tests he wants him to do and when. House shoots Foreman and Cameron a triumphant look while they glare at Chase. When they throw House off the ship and into the lifeboat so they can go back to Tahiti, they're throwing Chase in there with him.

Apparently, someone (ten dollars says it was Cameron) went to Cuddy to report House's action, because he is now in front of her defending his actions. She accuses him of doing all this to Richard for fun rather than to actually help him. "Twenty-four times a year (or twenty-two, depending on which season you're watching) you come storming into my office spouting that you can help someone. Only you never say those words," Cuddy says. Now that he actually is saying that he wants to help someone, Cuddy is suspicious. "You come here with medicine, not with platitudes," Cuddy says, adding that PPTH doesn't exist to indulge House's whims, even though it totally does. I mean, it certainly doesn't exist to provide a safe and secure environment for any of its employees. She's sending Richard home tomorrow morning. No more tests.

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