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The test is all ready, and Cameron tells Abigail to hop up on the table. She comments that that won't be easy, since the table is almost as tall as she is. Cameron gets all upset at her faux pas and offers to lift Abigail up onto the table. "Stop treating her like she's five!" barks Maddy. "Just bring over a stool and let her climb up herself." Ha! After all of House's comments, this is the thing that pisses Mom off? And, I mean, is it really that bad for Cameron to lift Abigail onto the table? Is Cameron supposed to run around the hospital looking for a stool just to make a little person feel self-sufficient? Please. For his part, House says that Cameron also hates Jews. Mom says that she's used to people's "idiocy," shooting a pointed glance back at Cameron, who tries not to burst into tears. It's better than actually being an idiot, Mom adds, looking at House. He looks back at her, and if this were a cartoon, he'd have little hearts for eyeballs. "Care to go for a spin?" he asks. Cameron and Abigail make hilarious faces. Maddy looks like she wouldn't mind trying out House's cane.

Cuddy's not so understanding of what Wilson did as he assumed she'd be. In fact, she's downright pissed, and says that Wilson is getting her hospital's "best doctor" (oooh, slap in the face for our oncologist right there!) in trouble and for not telling her first. Wilson says that he got House an awesome deal and did everyone a favor. Cuddy says that there's no way House is going to take the deal, and that she's surprised Wilson would think House would. Wilson gets panicky, saying that what's done is done, and that he needs Cuddy's help to "avoid a complete disaster." Cuddy gets up from behind her desk and yells that she can't help him; House is a stubborn child and will not take the deal. Liz Friedman's name pops up as the writer of this episode, and rumor has it that she's a very nice woman with a great sense of humor. Wilson has a brilliant idea: Cuddy should stop giving House Vicodin and say that the only way he can get it back is to agree to the deal. And then he will! Except that the deal he'd be agreeing to will separate House from his Vicodin for two months. I don't see why he'd rather have two months without Vicodin than three days, but good luck with that, Wilson. Cuddy doesn't want to do this; without Vicodin, House won't be able to function, and he has a patient to treat. Wilson doesn't think they have a choice. But...if House cuts the dwarf in half, she'll only be a quarter of a person!

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