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The gallium scan shows no problem in Abigail's lungs, although House notes that her liver looks dark compared to the rest of her organs. The Cottages refuse to believe that there's a problem with Abigail's liver, but House persists. Foreman thinks House is just trying to avoid the next step, which would be checking Abigail for lung cancer and having to deal with Wilson. Cuddy marches in and tells House that they need to talk. He says he won't take the deal, and orders the Cottages to do an ultrasound of Abigail's liver. They stand. "Sit down!" Cuddy barks at them. Cameron makes the absolute best "whoa, power struggle going on right here!" face as she follows the order. House tries to see how long he and Cuddy can order the Cottages around, but Cuddy is never fun and says that he's off the case, and that his treatment privileges have been suspended until he takes the deal. Can she do that? House asks what else Cuddy's holding over his head, and she says that she's cutting off his Vicodin. With a rather rude sweep of her hand, she orders the Cottages off to get an MRI of the Abigail's lungs. I'm sure Abigail will be thrilled to be back in the hands of the doctor who didn't think she had anything wrong with her in the first place. As Cuddy turns to leave, House says she'll be begging him to save their patient before he begs her for Vicodin. Cuddy says she hopes House is wrong about that. She should know by now that House is never wrong. Except for that time he tried to saw the girl's arm and leg off.

While Abigail suffers in the MRI of DOOOM!, the Cottages discuss what's happening to their boss. Cameron, of course, is indignant on his behalf. Foreman thinks the ends (getting House off Vicodin) will justify the means (the past six episodes). I hope he's right. Chase is actually doing his job, and says that Abigail's MRI looks clean so far. Abigail starts fidgeting in the MRI and begs to be let out. They ignore her in favor of discussing House: Chase says he's happy with whatever lets them keep their jobs, and says the MRI is clean. No lung cancer. Abigail starts coughing as the MRI of DOOOM! gives her an early Christmas present: bloody barf. Makes for a great stocking stuffer!

The Cottages report to Cuddy that House was totally right about Abigail's liver, which is shutting down, causing the bloody vomit. They're sure to really rub it in that House was right and Cuddy was wrong until she tells them to move on. What causes liver disease and a collapsed lung? Cameron guesses cirrhosis, while Wilson, who's in the room for no reason, suggests a hepatoma. "She's fifteen. It's not liver cancer," Cameron snaps at Wilson. Right, like cirrhosis is any more likely? Isn't that something old alcoholics get? Cameron says that her diagnosis is much better than Wilson's, and Foreman rushes off to do a liver biopsy while Chase goes off to search the dwarf house for drugs and alcohol that might have caused the condition. Wilson asks Cameron if they can have a little chat. She obliges, but is sure to show lots of attitude about it.

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