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Who's the Fairest One of All?

House says it's time for a metaphor. When criminals are arrested, the police take mug shots and fingerprints and keep them on file even after the criminal has been released from jail. Similarly, the body creates antibodies to infections. If they can figure out what diseases Frank has had in his lifetime through his antibodies, maybe they can figure out where he's from. Hopefully, Frank got 134fifthavenuewestapartmentnumberfourmanhattanitis and their job will be much easier. The Numbers jump up to get to work, but Foreman stops them, saying he has to sign off on this first. The younger Numbers ignore him and leave. PS stays behind and tells Foreman that the way they see it, Foreman and Cuddy are decent people and House is not. Eventually, either Foreman will give in or Cuddy will. Either way, House will win, and they need to keep their jobs by being on his side.

Foreman goes to see Cameron, who's sewing up someone's leg in the ER. That patient is going to be really sorry when he sees that his doctor stitched "I luv puppies!1!1!!" in his leg. Foreman complains that Chase has put even odds on Foreman getting fired this week. Cameron doesn't care. In fact, she has a hundred on Foreman going. Foreman rolls his eyes and walks away. Cameron abandons her patient and asks Foreman why he even cares what other people think. Foreman says Chase is just jealous that Foreman was asked to be House's fellow again and he wasn't. Cameron laughs at this and Wilsons that Foreman isn't miserable being back under House again -- he likes this job and he's glad to be doing it again. Foreman says she's dead wrong and leaves without saying anything about the fact that Cameron's hair is blonde now.

Kumar hasn't been mirrored yet, so he's the one taking spinal fluid from Frank, who says that the way they're getting his medical history is "cool." Kumar agrees, then tells him to try to ignore the pain of this really cool spinal tap. "Bring the pain!" Frank says. Kumar gets a little offended and defends himself, saying he's not a masochist, then he realizes it's pointless to argue with someone with fake mirror syndrome. "I just like experience. If it's new, it's interesting," Kumar says. Maybe Kumar should go to the Third World with Random Guy, then. Frank says that if something isn't new, he makes it new. "I'm just easily bored," Kumar sighs. So am I, this week. Frank says there are three hundred million people in America (amazing how he knows that in spite of his amnesia) and if he's doing exactly what they're doing, then he's nothing. Kumar says he's almost done with the spinal tap. Frank says he likes hot tubs. Who doesn't?

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