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Brothers In Harms

Bill takes a minute to himself to think, and then finds House outside Joey's room. He tells him to stop the treatment. Chase does so, and Bill says that Joey never said anything to him about being gay. House says that the Mob isn't known for its tolerance of others. He suggests that Joey's reason for wanting to testify might have been that the Witness Protection Program would allow him to start a whole new gay life for himself.

Three hours later, Bill is having second thoughts about taking Joey off the hepatitis medicine. But then Cameron comes up and informs him that Joey just woke up and asked to see him. Looks like Bill made the right choice after all.

Joey tells his brother he looks like crap. Bill says he just went through a lot of crap, having to figure out whether Joey was "normal" or not. Joey asks what Bill means by "normal," and Bill clarifies that House thought Joey was a "fag," and was using the Witness Protection Program to go out and be one. Joey asks Bill what he thinks, and Bill says he didn't know, but he had to make a decision, so he agreed with House. And lo and behold, Joey is getting better. Joey tries to talk to Bill, but Bill says there's nothing to talk about. Obviously, that Chinese internet company sent Joey the wrong pills and he took them without realizing it, probably because he was distracted because he was having sex with a woman. Joey figures that's as much acceptance as he's going to get, and drops it. Bill says that if Joey wants to testify, then Bill will support him. In the testifying thing, not the gay thing, which doesn't exist. He wants Joey to do whatever will make him happy. They hold hands, but not in a homosexual way.

The Eternity Meeting has concluded, and Cuddy informs House that Vogler wanted to get rid of House and his entire department. House drops a few pills in his hand and thanks Cuddy for sticking up for him, saying she'll have to follow it up with a "nasty" weekend in Vegas where she can really show off her administrative skills. Cuddy says that Vogler threatened to fire her, and House gets sincere for a second to apologize for that. He assumes this means he's been fired, but Cuddy says she just told Vogler that she knows everything about how the hospital runs, so firing her is not an option, and neither is firing House. House says that Vogler will figure everything out eventually and be able to replace Cuddy, so the solution is only temporary. Cuddy says she'll deal with it then. For now, though, "some things are going to change."

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