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Brothers In Harms

Bill steps up and introduces himself as Bill Arnello, "Mr. Smith's" lawyer and brother. House tries to escape the human interaction by promising to do an extra-good job on the patient and hopping into the elevator. Bill follows. As the doors close, House asks if Joey is in the Mafia, and what his special Mafia nickname is. Bill pushes the "stop" button on the elevator, which doesn't intimidate House at all. Bill orders House to fix his brother, but not to release him. He wants time to convince his brother not to testify. House says that the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital tends to treat only sick people, so that might be difficult. Bill doesn't care. He gets the elevator moving again and tells House that if he doesn't fix Joey, he'll "take away the things you love 'til there's nothing left." If Bill wants his threat to be successful, he had better be talking about things and not people. Wilson might want to take a long vacation right about now, though, just in case. Fortunately, the elevator doors open shortly after the threat, sparing House and Bill from having to stand around in that awkward post-death-threat silence. House exits the elevator, saying he's assuming that Joey is in the Mafia.

Coma Joey and his prison tattoo get an MRI. In the booth, Cameron asks Chase if House seemed "weird" to her. You see, she explains, "we spoke about how we felt." She'd better be using the royal "we" there: I recall her speaking a lot, and House ending her monologue with exactly one word: "no." It wasn't much of a conversation, really. Chase -- who still hasn't learned his lesson about not getting distracted during patient tests -- asks Cameron why she would do a thing like that, and Cameron says that she likes House. She like likes House. But he doesn't like like her. Chase says that House doesn't like anybody, and "nobody" likes him, thereby implying that Cameron is a nobody. Good. Interesting how Chase's opinion of House has changed since he got yelled at last week.

House and the Cottages go over Joey's MRI films by his bedside. They found a subdural hematoma, probably caused by a run-in with the business end of a tire iron back in 1996. Liver tests were slightly elevated, but there's nothing that would cause a coma. Foreman wants to drill into Joey's head and "evacuate" the hematoma. Joey would rather he didn't, and voices that opinion, surprising everyone with his newly-awake state.

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