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Brothers In Harms

Vogler congratulates House on his "impeccable timing," but House isn't in the mood; he wants to know why Vogler was messing with his patient. Vogler pulls up a chair, saying he's ready for a demonstration of Cuddy's talents. Well, when you put her on the spot like that, there's just no way she can succeed. And indded, she gets about all of three words out before House is telling her that she doesn't know anything about his patient and snapping at Vogler that Vogler's not even a doctor. Vogler says that Joey was there because of a court order; he faxed Joey's records to the judge and she rescinded it. Thus, no more patient, and the government stays off the hospital's ass, not like they were really even on it. If they were, though, they could all fit on Vogler's ass alone, along with the entire population of New Jersey and probably most of the Eastern seaboard. House gets a page and takes off, apparently no longer having a problem with Vogler's decision. "Something's up," Vogler says.

Or down, as Joey has taken a turn for the worse and is being wheeled into the ER after barfing and passing out. Cuddy and Vogler come down to investigate, and the main Fed guy angrily says that they told House Joey was healthy again. House takes a minute to enjoy this moment of triumph.

The Cottages report that Joey's symptoms are totally different symptoms from the ones he had the last time he was there. He has symptoms of hepatitis C, and the blood test came back positive. But House thinks the suddenness of its onset indicates that whatever is wrong with Joey was initially caused by the something acute, not chronic. He may be suffering from the hepatitis now, but they should focus on figuring out whatever triggered it in the first place. Chase points out that Joey had raised estrogen levels in his blood, which apparently indicate that a chronic condition caused this. House asks Cameron what the other test results say, and Cameron reports that Joey's normal albumin levels could be a sign that he has an acute condition. House raises his eyebrows and once again tries to enjoy his moment of triumph, which is interrupted by Chase's bitchy whining about how Cameron's tests count more than his do. House says that Cameron's cuter, which is a subjective opinion. Cameron looks down at the test results and hopes House doesn't notice the part of the margin where she absent-mindedly drew a heart with the initials "A.C." and "G.H." in it.

House wants to do a liver biopsy before they treat Joey for hepatitis. Chase wants to do it now so that Joey will be healthier sooner -- earning him, House suspects, a gold star from Cuddy. Chase asks House if he's putting off the hep treatments to prevent any of them from getting gold stars, and House says that he can go ahead and start the hepatitis treatment right now, then. He asks for a biopsy of the liver, and Chase and Cameron are dismissed. Foreman is asked to stay behind.

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