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Brothers In Harms

Foreman and House move to House's office, where House says he's kicking Foreman off the case. Foreman is understandably confused. House explains that someone told on him to Vogler about how he lied to the transplant committee. Foreman laughs that House thinks it was Foreman, and House says that Foreman's actually the only person he knows didn't do it, because Foreman is "too careful" for that. He wants everyone in the world to think he thinks it was Foreman, thereby causing the true culprit to let his guard down so that House can catch him. All of this paranoia and secret plotting is kind of ridiculous, but not as much as the fact that Vogler's chairman of the board position seems to give him unlimited power.

Chase finishes an ultrasound of Joey's liver and tells the brothers that Joey has hepatitis C. Bill asks Chase how that happened, and Chase says it's usually transmitted through an "exchange of bodily fluids," like sex or drugs. Bill doesn't like either of those options, and gets all up in Chase's face. Chase doesn't know enough about American culture to realize that you shouldn't go against a mobster's commands, and maintains that Joey has hepatitis C and that they're going to treat him for it. Bill gives Chase one of the hardest bitch slaps I've ever seen in my life, and I have seen a lot of bitch slaps. Chase's hair flops all over the place from the impact and he tries not to cry as Bill orders him not to treat his brother for hepatitis C, which he certainly does not have. Chase just stands there and takes it. His wimpiness makes him less attractive to me. That, and his hair.

The Eternity Meeting continues. Vogler is now attempting to use clever psychological manipulation to convince Cuddy to fire House. He tells her how House doesn't respect her, and lies to her and makes her look like an idiot in front of the rest of her staff. Cuddy says that might all be true, but that House is an asset to this hospital, and that she will protect him because of that. Vogler accuses Cuddy of being "soft," which Cuddy bristles at since she's one of only three female chiefs of medicine in the country's major hospitals. Vogler says that Cuddy is protecting House because she likes him, and that kind of thinking is "bad for business." Cuddy just sits there and takes it. Her wimpiness makes her less attractive to me. That, and the fact that she's female.

The nose baby and his brother are back. Bill enters the room, since mobsters and big donors are allowed to go wherever they want in today's hospitals. House tells Bill to wait a second as he attempts to shove some forceps up the fidgeting crying baby's nose. Bill steps right up to the baby and yells at him to stop, and sure enough, the baby shuts up and stays still, allowing House to pull a tiny firefighter out of his nose. House compliments Bill on the "neat trick." "They have to believe you'll actually hurt them," Bill says. I guess we're all relieved that Bill didn't bitch-slap the baby.

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