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Brothers In Harms

Feds stand guard outside Joey's room. Bill paces worriedly.

Meanwhile, House and the Cottages are kind of screwed, since Joey's liver only has about two hours left and it's not very likely that they'll get a transplant in such a short amount of time, especially since Organ Transplant Queen Cuddy is too busy with Vogler to work her special brand of magic, i.e. buying a liver from the black market. House says that there is a way they can buy some time.

A live pig is lead through the halls. Cuddy may want to keep that in mind the next time she's desperately searching for the unsanitary conditions that may have caused a baby-killing outbreak.

In an operating room, Joey and the pig are worked on while Chase voice-overs that they're basically using the pig as a dialysis machine. Joey's blood is circulated through the pig (whose liver cleans it), and then is put back into Joey's body. Don't go out and try this on some random pig you find on the farm, though; these pigs are genetically altered for this. Chase says that the procedure won't cure Joey, but that it will give them more time to figure out what's wrong and, one hopes, treat it. Chase pats Bill on the shoulder, apparently quite comfortable interacting with a man who has been known to slap him for no reason.

Cameron and Foreman are on poison-test duty. Cameron reports that they can rule out hemlock, and Foreman laughs at her for testing for something that is just so ancient Greece. Cameron points out that hemlock does grow wild by the highways of New Jersey, so it's not outside the realm of possibility. Foreman gets to what he really wants to talk about: Cameron's crush on their boss. Cameron says that Chase has a big mouth, and Foreman says that Chase is probably the person who ratted on House to Vogler. House enters and asks if they have any new information from the test results. They don't, except that Joey is a long-time smoker who has been trying to quit recently. House gets all close to Cameron, who says that Joey started quitting two weeks ago. House nods and hobbles off. Foreman asks if Cameron just got all giddy because House was so close to her. Cameron tries to make a witty retort, but it ain't happening.

The main Fed questions one of Joey's guards about a suspicious recent infusion of cash into his bank account. House interrupts to say he figured out what's wrong with Joey: he took so much of that "quit candy," some herbal thing from China, that it poisoned him. They'll just keep Joey on the pig liver for a while to filter it out of his system, and he'll be fine.

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