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Brothers In Harms

Indeed, Joey wakes up and tells his relieved brother that he's hungry. Bill says that fish sticks are on tonight's menu. Joey groans.

House and Wilson tool around town in House's new convertible. House says that Joey will be discharged tomorrow to testify to his heart's content. Bill's not going to like that, but House doesn't seem to care. Wilson suggests that House let Vogler do the honors of telling the Feds they'll have their witness back soon, since that will make Vogler happy, and therefore make it more likely that House will keep his job. He also suggests that House learn how to drive better. House says that the later Corvette models came with a "shut up" button. I bet there's not a day that goes by where House doesn't wish for the creation of a shut up button. He'd use it more than his Gameboy.

The next day, House enters Cuddy's office, where she and Vogler are still having their meeting. Surely it's bad for business to discuss this for such a long time, keeping Cuddy from doing whatever else she does at the hospital. Anyway, House is wearing his labcoat, drawing funny looks from everyone, including whatever random hospital officials happen to pass by, and he does his best impersonation of meek as he reports that Joey is healthy and can be released. Vogler calls up the U.S. Attorney's office while Cuddy whispers to House that his lab coat looks "good" on him. She does want to know how the quit candy could wreak such havoc on Joey's liver. House says that those hepatitis C drugs exacerbated the toxic effects. Of course, Cuddy didn't know anything about any hepatitis C drugs. "Oops!" says House, as he loses whatever points he gained with Cuddy by wearing that labcoat, and then some. House's beeper interrupts Cuddy's whispered lecture, and House informs "Ed" that Joey is back in a coma. Vogler hangs up the phone and hopes that the U.S. Attorney's office thinks dialing *69 is bad for business.

Joey is now worse than ever before, and no one knows why. Chase thinks it's the hepatitis C, and House says that they already figured out that the chronic condition wasn't bad enough to do this much damage. Foreman says those estrogen levels say that the chronic condition is bad enough to cause Joey's problems. House says that the estrogen levels are another matter entirely. No one seems to have considered the possibility that Joey is actually a woman, because that would be ridiculous. Cameron says that even if it is the hepatitis C, they can't do anything because the quit candy is still in Joey's system and treatment will kill him. But he'll die if they don't do anything, too. Chase knows of a treatment still in the testing stages at a nearby hospital, and suggests trying that. Sure, it's never been used on a human before, but it's not like they have anything to lose, except for everything they love, killed one by one. The Cottages get up and go to work. Before they leave, House wonders what else could elevate Joey's estrogen levels. "Nothing," Cameron says. Don't trust that, House.

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