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House Wrecker

House manages to stay true to his word to Cuddy and meets her in the cafeteria for their very awkward lunch. There are a lot of long pauses. Cuddy tries to break the ice by asking House to look for her hairbrush in his apartment, which was not in the box of stuff her gave her. He says he will, then asks if she's dating anyone. Cuddy doesn't think that's the best topic of conversation for them, but House says that's not fair, since Cuddy insisted on this lunch date so that they could talk about things. So Cuddy says no and that she hasn't dated anyone since they broke up. House tries to make a joke, saying "once you go gimp," but that backfires on him when a. he can't think of a rhyme for "gimp" in time; and b. Cuddy uses it as a segue to talk about his leg. House fires off a list of reasons for why he did what he did, all of which I think we've already heard at least once from Wilson and/or Cuddy, concluding that the reason doesn't matter because it was a "bad idea." He gets up and leaves, but Cuddy chases him down the hallway, urging him to talk to her. She notices that he's bleeding through his jeans, probably because he pulled a stitch, and House finally snaps. He pushes her off of him and into a wall and gets in her face, yelling before taking a second to collect himself and say, softly, that he feels "hurt." Cuddy holds his hand and says she knows and she's sorry. "It's not your fault," House says. He drops her hand and walks away. I don't know if this is the outcome Cuddy was hoping for or dreading.

Afsoun wonders aloud if she made "the wrong choice." Hadley happens to be in the room at the time, and listens as Afsoun says that Luka was by her side for everything for the last five years, "every day and every night." Except, of course, for when she broke up with him and had to go through her NOT TERMINAL CANCER treatments by herself. Hadley asks if Afsoun's real reason for her latest performance art piece was to have Luka with her this time. If so, then she did a terrible job of it, as he's gone. But, Hadley points out, it doesn't have to be that way.

Cuddy runs into Jerry at the coffee shop again. This time, she admits to being Cuddy and apologizes for being rude the other day, chalking it up to "some personal things." Jerry also apologizes for being creepy, but Cuddy says he was only "mildly unnerving." Flirty smiles are exchanged.

Well, well, well. Look who decided to pay Taub a visit at work? Yes, it's his ex-wife! He tries to apologize to her for avoiding her calls, but she interrupts to tell him why she was calling so insistently: she's pregnant. "I didn't expect that," Taub says. Neither did I -- I thought this show was a lot better than that. This is like a terrible sitcom.

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