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House Wrecker

So. The question now is, what the hell just happened? Did House actually drive a car through Cuddy's house and escape to some tropical paradise? If so, how can the show possibly recover from that? House can't return to the United States without going to jail for what should be a very long time, and they can't just have the Cottages and Wilson all move to Mexico or wherever he is and practice medicine there. Also, who wants to watch House do anything now that he just tried to kill four people (five, if you count Rachel, who he didn't know was in the room or not)? Yes, they weren't in the room when the car went through it and yes, he saw them leave the room before he decided to drive the car through it. But that doesn't really matter. He had no way of knowing that they didn't walk back into the room in between the time that he walked away and crashed through the wall. It's still attempted murder.

My guess is, then, that it didn't actually happen. Maybe House OD'd. Maybe he was in a coma from the leg self-surgery. They did make a point of showing his leg bleeding through his jeans in the same spot we saw it bleeding through that towel in the ER last episode. I'm sure there are plenty of other hints that what we were watching wasn't reality, and when Season 8 premieres, all will be revealed and the reset button will be pressed again and nothing will change. It doesn't mean anything, just like House said about Afsoun's art project. Three or four episodes into next season, House will be back at PPTH doing the same thing and acting like the same asshole. Or, if it's even possible at this point, even more of an asshole. But each season, that's just a little less fun to watch until it gets to this point where it's just not entertaining at all anymore. The writers clearly don't give a shit about the medical mystery aspect of the show anymore and devote little to no effort to it. There's nothing likeable about any of the characters. The most compelling one spent the last few episodes being a hateful lunatic and now he's just driven a car into his ex-girlfriend's house. So I think it's time for me to pull a Lisa Edelstein and move on. It's been great to recap seven seasons of this show, which was, for a long time, the best thing on TV, but I'm done. Thank you so much for reading, cue the Rolling Stones, and good-bye!

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