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House Wrecker

With that, he skips ahead in the video to reveal Afsoun looking slightly worse for wear after her audience has indulged in doing whatever they wanted to her. Someone put a necklace around her neck. Others have drawn on her face and dress. One person put a knife in her hand. These people are pretty lame right now, so one guy steps up and pours paint thinner all over Afsoun before grabbing a book of matches. Chase stops the video there, saying he doesn't want to watch any more of this. House starts the video again. The guy lights the match and stands in front of Afsoun, who has no reaction. Luka, on the other hand, seems concerned. "He's been instructed not to intervene," House says. Finally, as the guy with the match walks towards Afsoun, Luka runs in and stops him. Afsoun passes out. House asks for diagnoses. Chase lists off Afsoun's symptoms (arrhythmia, high hematocrit, and something called "inconsistent RR variability"). Foreman would like to add one more: Afsoun is insane. Hadley doesn't think so, once again telling us how brilliant Afsoun is. House comments that Afsoun's last performance was shaving her entire body while wearing just a monkey mask. He doesn't seem to find that to be very brilliant. Hadley gives us Afsoun's tragic life story: she saw her mother commit suicide and was abused by her stepfather, then took her personal pain and made it into "art," which Hadley thinks is better than what she could have done. Like kill her brother, maybe? Foreman insists that Afsoun is crazy and wants to do an MRI (OF DOOOM!!) to somehow confirm it. House refuses, saying Afsoun is only crazy like a fox, as she's made thousands, perhaps millions of dollars off of "being full of crap." Taub has been quiet, as he's actually trying to do some work. He points out the space heater in Afsoun's gallery. House tells them to put Afsoun in a hyperbaric chamber to treat her for carbon monoxide poisoning that the rest of the performance attendees and her assistant somehow managed not to get.

As soon as the Cottages leave, House grabs his phone and texts Cuddy, who happens to be at a coffee shop. Some guy approaches her. He knows her first and last name, which immediately puts Cuddy on the defensive. The guy, Jerry, quickly explains that he's a friend of Cuddy's sister. He's seen many photos of Cuddy because Julia has been trying to set them up, unbeknownst to Cuddy. Cuddy frowns and tries to claim that Jerry must have her confused with someone else, as her name is not Lisa Cuddy despite the fact that she answered to it less than a minute ago. Jerry says he's sure this is Cuddy, as he has seen many pictures of her on many different occasions. Geez, give it a rest, Julia. Also, way to try to set your sister up with a creepo. Jerry suddenly realizes how weird he sounds and tries to apologize, but it's too late. A very uninterested Cuddy leaves.

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