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House Wrecker

Cuddy returns to House's bedside. This time, he's there. And she's angry. She closes the curtain behind her so they can be alone and accuses him of standing her up for lunch. House says he couldn't help it since his patient was bleeding internally and all. Cuddy doesn't care. She thinks this is another one of House's stupid games and begs him to just express his feelings directly instead of being passive-aggressive. "Let's finally have our fight," she says. House thinks they fight plenty, but Cuddy says that House's pranks and his temper tantrums in Wilson's office and somehow forcing her to go to his wedding and calling her after cutting open his own leg do not count. "You are obviously still angry at me and it's hurting both of us," Cuddy says. Does she think House will care about any of that? I honestly don't understand what she's trying to accomplish here, or why she thinks this is the best way to do it.

Foreman suddenly yanks the curtain open. "It's a privacy curtain!" Cuddy snaps at him. "It wasn't working," Foreman shrugs. Meanwhile, one of the nurse extras was totally leaning in to hear the conversation and only ducked out of the way when Cuddy got mad at Foreman. Ha! She rules. To get Cuddy to leave him alone, House agrees to meet her for lunch in the cafeteria tomorrow. Yeah. We'll see. Cuddy falls for it, though, and leaves. House celebrates her departure with a few more Vicodins. Foreman comments that House is going heavy on the drugs, like House cares. Foreman doesn't really, either. He changes the subject to Afsoun and a needle mark he found in a vein in her foot. She was injecting herself with her own red blood cells that she somehow managed to extract and keep for later use, which then caused her initial symptoms as well as the ones that made them think she had internal bleeding. House refuses to believe that he was wrong and that Afsoun is, after all, a fraud, but Foreman has more proof: printouts from her laptop browser history, where she was researching blood doping along with a certain brilliant diagnostician. "She set you up," Foreman says.

Hey, remember all those emergency vehicles in the beginning of the show because House did something unspeakably horrible and LINE CROSSING? Well, here's a reminder as we move forward in time a few days. Wilson's arm is bandaged, and now it's his turn to talk to a police officer, who asks if Wilson has any idea where they can find House. Wilson thinks he'll be in a bar, and one that "matches how he feels inside." So all the cops have to do is find the "most dark, depressing hole" in the entire state. If House is really scouring New Jersey for the bar that matches how he feels, then he is putting way too much effort into this.

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