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4th And Goal

In the meeting room, Taub tries to add blindness to the list of symptoms, but Foreman announces via speakerphone that it's not a symptom at all, but the result of him drugging 77's water bottle with something that dropped his blood pressure low enough to cause the blindness so he wouldn't be able to play and thus, not die. Foreman dropped him off back at PPTH and is now hanging out on the Fox city scene backlot. "Well played!" House says as Hadley smirks in what I'm guessing is approval. These people are the worst doctors ever. They drug people like all the time. House has done it at least three times now, and Hadley has done it twice that I can remember. And she's only been on the show for two and a half seasons! Your chances of getting slipped something are better at PPTH than they are on Spring Break. House asks Foreman where he is. "Busy," Foreman says, hanging up. He cares enough about 77 to drug him into going back to PPTH, but not enough to continue to work on his case. House notes that 77 only lost one pound after so many days of hospital food, which is unusual. Someone as big as 77 would be expected to lose 10 pounds in that amount of time. House thinks this could be a new symptom. Chase suggests the old favorite paraneoplastic syndrome, and House sends them off to test 77 to find out which cancer the paraneoplastic syndrome is reacting to.

Meanwhile, Foreman stops by the local halfway house to visit his brother. The sirens we hear in the background and the creaky floors are supposed to make the place seem less-than-nice, but it seems like great place to me. Much nicer than my apartment. No cracks in the walls, and I'll bet his bathroom isn't on a slant like mine is. Seriously, my bedroom looks like that Vincent Van Gogh painting he did right before he went to the mental hospital. Marcus asks Foreman why he's there instead of just being grateful that his brother is speaking to him at all. Foreman offers to help Marcus get his job with House back, but Marcus knows that if House realizes that Foreman is okay with him being there, he'll have no reason to hire Marcus back. Foreman knows that too, and offers to help Marcus find something else. Marcus promises not to let Foreman down, but Foreman doesn't want to hear his promises because they don't mean anything to him except another way for him to be disappointed. "Let's just see how it goes," he says. And then he offers to let Marcus live with him. Marcus seems to accept the offer, getting all emotional as he hugs his brother, who hugs him back.

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