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4th And Goal

Lucas stops by Cuddy's office because he obviously has nothing better to do with his time ever. Cuddy packs up to leave for the day while asking Lucas if he knows anything about Wilson and House's mysterious phantom prankster. Lucas denies it, saying Cuddy told him he couldn't do anything to retaliate against House and Wilson for stealing their condo, which she's known about all along. "It's just a condo," Cuddy says, as she is apparently the only sensible person involved in this entire mess. Lucas thinks she still has feelings for House. He would think that, since he is clearly obsessed with House himself. Cuddy doesn't deny it, just says they'll buy a condo somewhere else. Lucas might find it difficult to afford the down payment once Wilson sues him for the thousands upon thousands of dollars in damages he caused to the condo, though.

Wilson finds House at a nurse's station and says he heard that Foreman and his brother are trying to work things out (how did he hear that?? Who even knows about it, and who would tell Wilson?), and he gives House the credit for this, saying he was successful in his effort to be a common enemy that Foreman and Marcus could bond over. "You are the diabolical yet benevolent puppet master," Wilson accuses. House denies all of this, of course, but when he says he has no plans to get back at Lucas, Wilson decides that he won the argument and House truly is a nice guy. He takes off just before he can see Army being wheeled out of his room, about to be discharged after having his infected foot amputated. He seems pleased with his decision, although I have to wonder if he's going to feel that way a year or ten down the line. There was no guarantee he'd die in that fourth deployment or that he couldn't get a discharge any other way, but he'll definitely never get that foot back.

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