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4th And Goal

Wilson finds House alone in the cafeteria and asks where his "minion" Marcus is. Clearly, Wilson is insanely jealous of Marcus for getting to eat lunch with House and thus stealing some of Wilson's precious alone time with House. When House tells him about Marcus's latest assignment, Wilson says House is trying to "escalate" what he's pulling with Foreman and Marcus in order to prove that Wilson is wrong about his nice motives. Wilson says this only proves that he was right. I think Wilson needs to stop viewing all of House's actions as responses to everything Wilson does or says. Cuddy walks up with a file for House, saying it belongs to a newly-admitted ER patient who requested House specifically. House hopes the patient is a hot young woman with big boobs, but Cuddy says it's a guy who "accidentally" shot himself in the foot. Right after he cut off his nose to spite his face.

House finds Army in the ER, looking uncomfortable but definitely satisfied with himself. It doesn't last long, as House informs Army that he'll just fix this up and Army will be good to get deployed again. "Don't patch it up," Army says. House acknowledges that what the government is doing to Army "sucks," but he's not going to get out of it this easily. Yes, because shooting yourself in the foot is easy. Army desperately says that he was "just a guy" when he enlisted, but now that he's about to be a father, he needs to be there for his kid and can't risk dying in Afghanistan or wherever he's being deployed to. House grew up with his father there and it still sucked, so he isn't sympathetic. "You got a girl pregnant. You're still just a guy," he says. What is his problem? Shouldn't helping someone rebel against the government be right up House's alley? Instead, he just walks away.

Foreman hangs out in 77's room, waiting to see the results of the ethanol drip. While they wait, they chat. 77 figured out that Marcus is Foreman's brother because of "the way [Foreman] looks at him." It certainly isn't because of any family resemblance, since Orlando Jones and Omar Epps look nothing alike. Also, Orlando Jones looks and acts nothing like the hardened criminal/junkie Marcus is supposed to be. I like Orlando Jones just fine, but he's been miscast here. 77 says he knows how Foreman feels because he and his two older brothers "always want to kill each other." So much so, apparently, that neither one bothered to visit their little brother in the hospital. With that, 77 complains of feeling itchy. Foreman says that means he has lymphoma and will need to have his spleen removed, but that's "good news" since it means 77 will still be able to play on Saturday. 77 is thrilled and wakes his mother up with the news: "I'm itchy! Means I can play!" She smiles and laughs, as she was not awake to hear the part where her son has cancer and will soon be minus one spleen. Although I'm not sure if she'd care about that even if she did know as long as it meant 77 became a rich football player.

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