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Stacy comes to Cuddy's office for advice. Not about work, of course -- personal advice. About House. Cuddy's not thrilled about the entire situation, although she can't blame anyone but herself for hiring Stacy to work at PPTH in the first place. Stacy tells Cuddy about her affair and her uncertainty over what to do next, and it's clear that she just wants Cuddy to tell her what she wants to hear, which is that it's okay for Stacy to leave Mark for House. Cuddy won't oblige her.

SuperMom's bleeding was caused by a liver tumor. Cameron sends her into the MRI of DOOOOOM to get a better look at it. Foreman tells House the news, and he responds in his typical asshole way by saying that at least SuperMom will only be leaving one child behind if her tumor is malignant. Foreman says that the tumor is vascular, which means that they can't do a biopsy to find out if it's benign or malignant; they have to remove it surgically.

And then Mark wheels up, looking perturbed. Foreman runs away from the scene, which I don't understand because I certainly would have stayed around to watch it. "I'm here about Stacy," Mark says. House cautiously asks him to clarify. "I think I'm losing her," Mark says. He knows he's been pushing her away, and now he's so scared of losing her that he'll even go to House for advice, figuring that House knows what it's like to shut Stacy out after becoming crippled. He wants to know how House got past that. Obviously, House did not, so he has nothing to tell Mark. Mark begs him to talk to him (guys sure do want to have heart-to-hearts this week), but House ain't having it. He tries to escape from Mark by taking the stairs, figuring the wheelchair-bound Mark won't be able to follow him. So now we have House slowly, agonizingly trying to climb the stairs and Mark using the banister to pull his dead lower body up to follow him. He reaches House and collapses against him, forcing House to hold him up. It's pretty humiliating and not nearly the entertaining knock-down, drag-out fight I was hoping for. Mark just clings onto House and says that he has seen how House and Stacy talk to each other, showing that he has a clue about what's been going on. House thinks about telling him the truth, but settles on lecturing Mark for pushing himself too hard physically. Mark angrily pushes himself off of House. House takes the stairs back down, leaving poor Mark stuck on the stairwell. Maybe he's hoping Mark will just starve to death there and then House and Stacy's problem will be solved. Seriously, though, how is Mark supposed to get back to his wheelchair? It's not like any of those nurses is going to help him out, seeing as they're barely attentive enough to make sure a small child doesn't wander off.

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