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House gets off the elevator and is immediately surrounded by the Cottages, who report that they didn't find anything hanging out in SuperMom's uterus. House just knows that SuperMom has fertility drug-induced cancer, though, and orders an endometrial biopsy. Foreman steps forward to veto this, and House responds by staring intently at his watch and ordering everyone to be quiet. They wait a few moments, and House announces that Foreman's four weeks in charge just ended, so they can go back to taking House's orders. And they are to "stick a needle up [SuperMom's] hoo-hoo." I'm trying to figure out what time it is; you'd think it just struck midnight based on that, but we just saw House and Stacy up on that roof and it certainly didn't look like midnight up there to me. Maybe it's just radiation glow from all that toxic waste New Jersey is full of. That is, when said waste isn't being dumped into the ocean, where it travels up the coastline and settles on a Connecticut beach and I spend my childhood trips to the beach trying to avoid hypodermic needles. Chase wonders what a "hoo-hoo" is because he's from Australia, where they refer to them as "warble-dingos." I saw that in a Foster's commercial once.

House is watching a monster truck rally on his office television when Stella wanders in, looking for a new playmate. House is not too thrilled to have company, and makes this plain. But Stella persists, hoping to score some more balloon sculptures. House turns off his TV, takes hold of Stella's hand, and starts walking her down the hall. It's really, really cute. She asks him when her mother can come home. "Don't know." She asks him what's wrong with his leg. "War wound." She asks him if it hurts. "Every day." She asks him if that's why he's so sad. He tells her he isn't sad, he's "complicated," adding, "Chicks dig that," and telling her she'll understand when she's older. Stella says that her parents always say that when they're talking about things like "making babies." Yuck. House asks her if her parents fight. Never, she says: "People who love each other don't fight." That's true -- IN FANTASYLAND! Not so much the real world, though. House puts Stella on the elevator and sends her down to the second-floor nurse who's supposed to be watching her.

Meanwhile, Chase is getting ready to stick a needle up SuperMom's hoo-hoo. Cameron is there on her usual say-soothing-things-to-the-patient duty. Before Chase can even start the procedure, SuperMom complains of feeling dizzy. "My God," Chase says, which is something you probably don't want to hear your doctor say, especially when he's looking at your private areas. He shows Cameron his hand; it's covered with blood. SuperMom's monitors beep wildly as blood gushes from her hoo-hoo; this is more than just that time of the month. "What's going on?" StuporDad wonders again. Someone drags him out of the room as Cameron and Chase fire up the ultrasound to look for SuperMom's bleed.

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