Needle In A Haystack

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Scared Lovers Try Positions They Can't Handle

Foreman tells House that they'll need to think of something else. House says there is nothing else, and orders Foreman back to Stevie's room to do some hard selling. At this point, J. Whitner rolls down from the opposite end of the hall, and a standoff begins. House keeps wheeling himself in J. Whitner's path while she tries to avoid him. Her efforts are futile, and she collides with House and looks pretty pissed off about it. Foreman wisely leaves the scene while House talks to J. Whitner about the bet. She says she's not worried about losing her spot, since she heard that House isn't so great when it comes to exercising his willpower. "My will may be weak, but my backbone is strong," brags House. He says that being in a chair has made it difficult to see down Cuddy's shirt, although he does have an improved vantage point of her ass. Oh please -- when can't you look down Cuddy's shirt with those plunging necklines of hers? Indeed, even J. Whitner's gotten a good look at Cuddy's breasts and, with a mischievous eyebrow raise, says "they are nice, aren't they?" House -- this is the woman for you. The jury's still out on whether you're the sex for her, but if so, make your move. House refuses to let J. Whitner win him over, but he does get out of her way.

When Foreman comes back to Stevie's room, Stevie's entire extended family is there. Uh oh! Someone check the maternity ward and make sure all the first-born babies are still there! Just kidding! Although, if you did want to steal a baby, PPTH would be the hospital to do it from. Although you do run an increased risk of getting a baby with some horrible disease. Foreman asks everyone to leave the room. Mom asks why they have to leave. Foreman says that the bandages he's applying are for Stevie's penis. Dad signals everyone to take off. I'm surprised they'd even let impure Foreman touch their son's deal. Whatever.

As soon as they've gone, Stevie asks Foreman why he lied to his parents, since his penis is no longer bleeding and therefore doesn't need any bandages. Foreman tells him about the experimental treatment and his parents' objections to it. Foreman also respects Stevie enough to tell him the entire truth about the treatment -- that while it's been successful in treating other conditions, it's untested on Wegener's. Stevie guesses that they've run out of options, and Foreman says he's right. He gives Stevie the medicine and tells him to take it but not tell his parents. Stevie says that he doesn't like lying to his parents. Unless, apparently, he's drinking or smoking pot or having sex with his non-Roma girlfriend. Then it's okay. Foreman says that Stevie can trust Foreman, since he's putting his job on the line. Stevie nods, but before he can take the medicine, he has more pain.

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