Needle In A Haystack

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Scared Lovers Try Positions They Can't Handle

House comes roaring out of PPTH in his wheelchair in an attempt to hit Cuddy and make her spill her coffee. She's wise to his attack, though, and stops before impact. He brags that he made it through the week in the wheelchair, so now it's time for Cuddy to pay up. Ah, no, she says --House got out of the wheelchair when he was in the OR. I love that someone ratted him out to Cuddy about that. I'll bet it was that sing-songy woman. House says that he got out of the chair to save a kid's life, neglecting to mention that he didn't, since there was no granuloma and he exposed the kid to infection. House maintains that he earned his parking spot. And J. Whitner didn't? "You lost!" says Cuddy, doing an impression of Ace Ventura. House jumps out of the chair, limps over to Cuddy, and says that he knows she never intended to give him the parking space back, since when he talked to J. Whitner about it, she wasn't worried. So J. Whitner must have known that Cuddy wouldn't give House back his spot regardless of whether he won the bet. Cuddy tries to look confident, but it's not working. House asks her if she feels guilty: "You want to teach me lessons? Don't make commitments you can't keep." He walks away and over to Wilson. His back to Cuddy, House asks Wilson how guilty Cuddy looks right now, and Wilson says it's about an 8. Indeed, Cuddy looks really sad right there. Poor Cuddy. "That space is mine!" says House, and leaves the wheelchair outside where someone can walk into it and hurt himself.

And as the music cues, Stevie leaves PPTH surrounded by his family who love him but hate everyone else. Foreman watches from the balcony and looks half-asleep, although I think that's supposed to be "envious." Stevie and Foreman exchange nods, and that's it.

House and his cane walk outside.

Foreman eats dinner. ALONE. I guess things didn't work out with that nurse, and Roc was too busy to appear. Foreman isn't alone, is what I'm saying.

House walks to the parking lot and sees that his parking spot has been restored. He grins. Weird how Cuddy can feel all that guilt for an imagined slight against House, but none for giving J. Whitner a parking space and then cruelly ripping it away from her even after she promised her she wouldn't. Next week had better be J. Whitner's revenge.

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