Needle In A Haystack

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Scared Lovers Try Positions They Can't Handle

And Stevie gets an MRI of DOOOM! Foreman tells him to relax, and Stevie nods, and then realizes that they can't hear a nod. "Smart kid," Cameron comments. Yeah, Cameron. It's really smart of him to realize that a microphone can't hear a nod. Sigh. Foreman says that Stevie's intelligence will go to waste, and Chase says that there's nothing wrong with being a salesman. Look at Chase, all "wheelchairs can be hot" and "salesmen can be smart" today! If it wasn't for those two episodes of fat-people hatred, we'd think he was sensitive. Foreman spots a granuloma in Stevie's liver and says it looks like Wegener's. Yeah, right. It's Wegener's almost as often as it's lupus. At this point, Stevie's parents come rushing into the room and demanding that their son be removed from the MRI of DOOOM! Looks like that salesman isn't so dumb after all. He knows that giving Stevie an MRI can only lead to trouble, even if he may or may not know how to read. I'm not sure, as Foreman yells at the pair for not reading the sign on the door. Stevie's dad says that they did read it and that it said "no metal," so they took all their metal items off, but Foreman says that it said "no admittance." I thought that meant that there were two signs on the door, and that they only bothered to care about one of them, but it could also mean that they're illiterate. For illiterate people, though, they're pretty good to know not to wear metal around an MRI. Dad chews the hell out of his toothpick and asks what's wrong with their son. Mom asks if he's going to die. Surprisingly, the usually forward Cameron says nothing.

Meanwhile, House is in the parking lot sliding his wheelchair into his crap car, a huge grin on his face. Wheelchairs are fun when you don't actually need them. As House drags himself into the passenger seat of his car, Foreman tells him that they found a granuloma in Stevie's liver in the MRI. House struggles to get his wheelchair into his car. Foreman refuses to assist him. Ha! Although I'm sure if House really used a wheelchair due to a physical challenge, his car would have some accommodations for that. I doubt that J. Whitner is stuck having to fold her electric wheelchair up and drag it into her car that way. Then again, she probably has a line of people willing to help her out since she's so awesome. House tells Foreman to start treating Stevie for Wegener's before doing the biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. He manages to get the wheelchair into his car, and then faces another problem: how to close the passenger-side door. He solves this by backing the car up and allowing momentum to shut the door. With a triumphant grin, House drives away.

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