Needle In A Haystack

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Scared Lovers Try Positions They Can't Handle

Foreman enters Stevie's room the next day to find him dressed in his own clothes, in a room outfitted to look as much like Stevie's bedroom as possible and eating some homemade food. Foreman is not pleased, but Stevie says that his parents made him do it. He also says that he isn't feeling better despite the treatment. Foreman says that it will take time to work. Stevie's parents enter the room with boxes full of stuff, and I think it's sweet how they insist on making Steve's room all homey-like. Foreman does not share my feelings, however, especially when Stevie's mom says that the soup they gave Stevie has willow bark extract in it, which is almost the same as aspirin. Foreman says that they're giving Stevie all the medicine he needs right now, and that his parents are just interfering and risking an adverse reaction. Foreman adds that Stevie's environment needs to be controlled, and that means putting him in hospital clothes, eating hospital food, and getting rid of all the furnishings. Dad says that Stevie is sick because his life is out of balance, and this is their way of restoring it. One of their ways is making sure Leah is nowhere near Stevie. Foreman points out that Leah did a pretty good job taking care of Stevie when his parents were nowhere to be found. The parents scoff at Foreman. Have they ever explained where his parents were all that time? And how they found out where Stevie was? I'm guessing Leah told them, even though they're so mean to her. Dad takes a seat and sticks a picture frame on a table, removing the toothpick from his mouth only to eat a slice of bread. Special balance-restoring bread, I'll bet -- lots of fiber. Foreman gives up and leaves.

House, now wearing fingerless gloves to look extra-special cool, enters the bathroom. Wilson's already there, peeing silently. He welcomes "Dr. Ironside," in a reference to the TV show wherein Raymond Burr played a wheelchair-bound detective who hung out in his van while his three able-bodied young assistants (a bland white guy, a pretty woman, and a black ex-con) helped him to solve mysteries. Hmm...that sounds a familiar. House just accuses Wilson of having no friends growing up and being reduced to watching too much television. He then tries to stand up to pee, but Wilson shuts him down. House calls him Cuddy's "rat-complice" (which is an insult to rats), and maneuvers his way into a handicapped stall. Wilson says that he's watching House's feet to make sure he doesn't stand up in the stall as he totally leaves the room. Mercifully, we get to go with him.

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