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Scared Lovers Try Positions They Can't Handle

In Stevie's room, there is conflict. Leah has stopped by for a visit, and Stevie's parents are pissed. They don't want her polluting their home, which is now Stevie's room. She says that they can't very well throw her out, since the dad can't touch her, and I'm not sure if that means men aren't allowed to touch non-Romany women, or if all Romas aren't allowed to touch non-Romas. Either way, it's racist. Foreman comes in and asks what's up. He gets an earful from both Leah and the parents, who accuse Leah of making their son sick. Leah doubts that her polluting ways caused Stevie's liver to shut down, and then Stevie starts moaning in pain and clutching his gut. It's not his liver this time, though -- Foreman pulls the Roma blankets off of him to reveal that his ass is bleeding. Stevie reacts to this with a horrified grimace and whimpers, which is pretty realistic.

In the meeting room, House has his feet up on a table. That shouldn't be allowed -- I doubt J. Whitner can put her feet up like that. I'm telling! Foreman says that Stevie's liver is improving, but now he's got a new hole. "We plug one hole then end up poking another," he sighs. "We talking about the patient or how to get a raise from Cuddy?" asks House. In the background, Cameron smiles in spite of herself. Foreman says that there is a massive hemorrhage in Stevie's bladder. So it wasn't his ass bleeding after all. A welcome change, indeed. House says that it must be Wegener's, and the Cottages are pissed. Treating him for Wegener's, they say, has only made Stevie worse. House points out that it made Stevie's liver better, and that they've ruled out all the other causes of the liver granuloma, so it has to be Wegener's. Foreman agrees. House pops a wheelie in his wheelchair and spins around and no one is impressed. What does he have to do for you people?!?! When he recommends treating Stevie with "FD28," that gets a reaction. Even the Magic Schoolbus Cam gets in on the action as House explains that the treatment will change Stevie's immune system so that it stops attacking the blood vessels. And indeed, the CGI vein looks much improved after the introduction of FD28. But there's a problem: FD28 is an experimental drug that's only worked for patients with Crohn's disease and rheumatoid arthritis. No problem, says House: they'll just lie and say that Stevie's got one of those diseases.

"Absolutely not," says Dad, adding that his "people have been experimented on before. Never again." Foreman says that his people have been experimented on as well, and that comparing PPTH to Auschwitz is "ridiculous." The Tuskegee experiments, Foreman adds, went on for twenty-eight years after WWII ended. I don't know if bringing up government-sanctioned experimentation on what was seen to be a lesser race is the best way to prove your point here, Foreman. Stevie's dad says that laws preventing Roma from entering New Jersey were on the books until 1998. I couldn't believe this was true and looked it up, and, lo and behold, New Jersey did indeed have a law -- from 1917 until it was repealed in 1998 -- that allowed local governments to regulate Roma travel and businesses. It didn't say that Romany people weren't allowed to be in those towns, but at the very least, it obviously made life difficult for them. That's incredible. Shame on you, New Jersey. But at least that law no longer exists, unlike the one that says gas stations have to be full serve. Foreman changes the subject back to treating Stevie, saying that this treatment could be the only way to save their son. Mom says that "a lifetime of experiences tells me I can't trust you. And the past three days have done nothing to change that." Then why have him here at all, Mom? If they think that all Stevie needs is some willow bark soup and blankets to get better, take him home. You can either play the victim-of-racism card or say that non-Romas pollute your home with their presence, but you can't do both.

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