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Three Strikes

With CTB gone, House tells Wilson he's dating a crazy woman. Wilson can't see where anything she said to House was wrong. Oh, betrayal! Whatever happened to bros before hos, Wilson? He asks House what he wanted to talk to him about, but House is too annoyed at Wilson for taking CTB's side to tell him, especially because he's sure Wilson will turn around and tell CTB whatever House tells him. Wilson swears he won't. "She's your girlfriend," House says. "You're my friend," Wilson says. "It's not the same," House sighs. What a Jealous Judy!

House can't even escape to his office, as Foreman is there to give his boss a performance review, and it's not very positive. House tries to play the "woe is me STD" card to get Foreman off his back, but Foreman says he's waited long enough for House to "formalize" his "authority" over the other Cottages. House says he doesn't have to authorize anything. In fact, he's using Foreman's lack of proper authority to "empower" his team. To accomplish, House says, somehow involves the New Cottages questioning Foreman and having no respect for him. Fearing Foreman and never opposing him won't teach them anything. Sounds like House is having a good time throwing Foreman's logic back in his face. At least, I hope that's what he's doing. Otherwise this doesn't make sense at all. Foreman doesn't get a chance to say much before Taub enters and says Jeff came back negative for sarcoidosis, not like that stopped them from giving him steroids before knowing if he needed them or not. This seems to throw House for a loop and he tells them to test Jeff for everything possible, a.k.a. he has no idea what's going on with Jeff anymore.

Meanwhile, Jeff's sunny disposition has certainly changed. "YOU BITCH!" he greets his wife as she enters with some lunch. It turns out that she moved his book and that's why he's so angry. This seems perfectly justified to me. You shouldn't move a man's book without asking him first. Honestly, Deb. And now look what she did! Jeff is so angry that he has a heart attack and his monitors beep as Deb springs into action, which is totally against strike rules. She is going to be in big trouble with the NGA unless she went fi-core. And even then, they're going to issue a press release like two months after the strike is over naming her and telling the rest of the NGA is keep her at arm's length. Deb calls out for help, but all the help is outside holding signs. That's why I would have had my husband transferred to St. Sebastian's, where the nurses are given excellent pay and benefits and never go on strike. Fortunately, Taub happens by the room as we go to commercial and Jeff's vitals go to flatline.

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