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Three Strikes

Back from break, Jeff appears to be okay, as everyone's in the conference room and Kumar helpfully exposits that Deb saved Jeff's life. "Or she scabbed," House says, ever the union sympathizer. He BELIEVES, people. Not enough to stop working in sympathy to the nurses, but still. House adds Jeff's new symptom to the Whiteboard before handing the marker to Kumar, who is thrilled. Taub, meanwhile, is totally jealous. Ha ha! Kumar guesses the prednisone they gave Jeff for his liver caused "roid rage" which caused hypertension, explaining Jeff's outburst and his heart attack. Since when did regular steroids give you roid rage? My dad takes steroids for his asthma; am I to assume that he will start screaming at me for moving his books? Not like I would move his books. You don't do that to someone. But still, what if? Taub guesses that the penicillin is working and the outburst is Jeff's real personality. But he's also allergic to penicillin, which explains the heart attack. Um, I don't think anyone's real personality is a simmering pot of rage, ready to boil over due to a moved book. House is just pleased to know that syphilis prevents domestic violence, as this will make him even more attractive to the ladies. He makes sure to direct that comment to Biana, just in case she wants some tips. For her part, Biana thinks Jeff has an underlying heart issue, which caused the attack and reduced blood flow to his brain, causing the rage. House says these are all good ideas and tells the team to vote on which one they like best. Of course, they all vote for themselves, leaving Foreman to give the deciding vote. He accuses House of setting him up before going with Biana's diagnosis. House tells them to go for that, drawing weird looks from everyone.

And instead of treating Jeff, they're all sitting around the lounge with Cameron and Chase, worried that by treating House's syphilis, they've also compromised his doctor skills. Kumar thinks they turned Van Gogh into a house painter. Taub cites another famous house painter, saying they may have "put Hitler on Ritalin." Cameron doesn't think it's fair to compare House to Hitler, which annoys Chase. "Just because I don't think he's Hitler doesn't mean I slept with him. I don't sleep with everyone who's better than Hitler," Cameron says. You guys, I miss Cameron. I can't believe I'm saying that, but I do. Foreman says this could be a good thing; today, House respected their opinions and even shared his marker. Biana points out that he also didn't care about the case. He didn't vote, nor did he offer up a diagnosis of his own. Solving medical puzzles used to be the only thing House cared about, and now he doesn't. Between the patient I don't know well enough to care about to the custody agreement plot insulting my intelligence to this syphilis plot that makes everyone else look stupid, I don't care about anything either.

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