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Three Strikes

Back to the show I'm some sort of recapping, Kumar continues that a positive syphilis test means that either the test was wrong (twice) or he gave them someone else's blood. Oh, he's not talking about Jeff now -- he's talking about House. I guess House put his name on a vial of Jeff's blood? House knows he's busted and demands to know who told them. Kumar does not hesitate as he reveals it was CTB, and poor House is so sad that he has officially lost Wilson to the Dark(er) Side. But Kumar's not done yet! He has another option, and this one does apply to Jeff: the patient has a condition that creates a false positive for syphilis. House knows that Kumar is talking about Chagas Disease, a parasite that's rare in America but not in Costa Rica, where Jeff spent some time while he was in the Peace Corps. The disease could have caused encephalitis, making Jeff's brain swell and causing personality changes. Or maybe he's just actually nice. After all, he got Chagas while he was in the Peace Corps., which means he volunteered for them before he got Chagas. But, whatever. I don't care about Jeff or his wife. Kumar continues that now that they've pumped Jeff full of steroids and compromised his immune symptom, the disease really got a chance to get going, causing the liver damage and heart attack. Wow. Way to ruin Jeff's organs, House. Next time you might want to test the guy for Williams and sarcoidosis before you treat him. House realizes that he was so busy playing mind games with his fellows and tug-of-war with CTB that he let Kumar have his end-of-show epiphany. Let's hope that means less fucking around next week and more of what makes this show so great. With a little fucking around thrown in.

House reports to Jeff's room and says they know what he has and that it's treatable with one pill a day for an entire month. A ten-year-old parasite is curable with one pill a day for a month? Hmmm. Kumar gets to tell Jeff that he has Chagas and that it was asymptomatic for ten years. Except, House says, for a slight swelling of Jeff's brain that would be enough to alter his personality. Deb refuses to believe that her husband's niceness was caused by a parasite. She thinks his one angry outburst was caused by the drugs, to which House asks her if she thinks drugs are more powerful than a parasite. Then he realizes that he's also giving Jeff drugs that are more powerful than a parasite and gets lost and gives up. "I'm not worried," Deb says. "Neither am I," Kumar says even though no one asked him. House adds that he's not worried, but that's because he doesn't care. Neither do I!

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