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Three Strikes

I guess strike ethics have their limits, as the next time we see Jeff and Deb, they're in PPTH's ER, which is a mob scene. Without nurses, the doctors have to fend for themselves, which I'm sure won't compromise patient care whatsoever. It's one thing for people to be without their new TV shows -- it's quite another for them to die because there are no nurses. I'm not sure how I feel about nursing strikes. While the new Cottages run amok, House calmly sips his soda before basically staring right at the camera and declaring that "this place is a mess!" Don't look at me, House. It's disconcerting. Who's directorial decision was that? Oh, wait a second -- it's Deran Serafian! My arch-nemesis. At least he's letting us see the characters' faces this time. We then get a House's eye view of Cameron as she runs up and hands House a file, looking at the camera and saying this is what happens when the nursing staff goes on strike. Hmph. As far as I'm concerned, the nursing staff went on strike when Evil Nurse Brenda stopped working there. Bring her back, I say! This should be her husband whose health problems we're dedicated an episode to. And then that husband should die so that she can hook up with House and get her own spin-off, like Addison from Grey's Anatomy! House points out that he doesn't use nurses, so he's weathering this storm just fine. if the striking nurses are like the striking writers, does that make House the reality show of PPTH?

House helps himself to a chair, satisfied that Cuddy won't find him to assign him work as he hides from her in plain sight. Cameron knows House well enough not to bother forcing him to do anything. He manages to find work all on his own, though, as he sees Jeff sitting on a gurney with a smile on his face that makes him look sort of simple. "Who's the idiot?" House asks. Cameron recites Jeff's stats to House: fainting spell and dysgeusia, which apparently means that everything tastes like lemon meringue pie. Oooh, I like lemon meringue pie. Dysgeusia sounds like a good symptom. House refuses to take the case from Cameron, but he will talk to Jeff, who says he's been here for two meals' worth of time so far but sees no reason to complain about it. And here comes Deb the Evil Picket Line Crosser, who rubs Jeff's shoulder while suggesting they say something to try to get seen by a doctor. "They're doing their best," Jeff assures her. House can't stand this passive niceness, so he slams his cane down on Jeff's foot. "Ow!" Jeff says. "What the hell?" Deb inquires. I don't know why she's getting all hot and bothered; it's not like Jeff stood up for her when her shins came under attack from the delivery guy. "I'm sure it was an accident," Jeff says, still smiling. "Is he Canadian?" House asks. If he was, he'd be very confused at the lack of free and efficient health care, wouldn't he? "He's a low priority," Cameron says. "Is that a yes?" House asks. Ha ha! Canadian jokes are always funny. "He's just -- " Deb starts, somehow feeling the need to explain her husband's behavior even though he does not. "Happy," House finishes, looking alarmed; "I've gotta stop this before it spreads!" With that, he assembles the new Cottages (there's no sign of Foreman, so I guess he's allowed to just sit around the conference room wearing his latest pink tie and not work very much ever), and off they go!

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