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Three Strikes

As for House, he's going to blow my mind by going bowling...with Chase! Even though he has a bad leg, he's still better at bowling than I am, as he knocks over nine pins. My ball always goes into the gutter. No matter what. Even when there are bumpers out, I have managed to get a gutterball. Chase, on the other hand, is a bowling enthusiast, and even has his own glove! He gives House tips on how to improve his score that I'm sure House tosses into his mental garbage, and then asks if this social invite is due to Wilson have someone better to do. With that, Chase bowls a strike and is goofily thrilled with himself. While House chugs a beer, Chase again asks if Wilson is with CTB again. Yes, House says, he is. Still, Chase thanks House for the default hang out invite and claims to be having fun. Really? I find social situations with the boss -- even a former boss -- to be rather awkward. Oh, except for the time when my boss at Blockbuster took us out to a bar after our shift, although that was just because I was underage and thrilled to get into a bar without being carded because I was with older people. House quickly smacks Chase down and says he only invited him because he wanted to go bowling and guys can't go bowling alone -- it "isn't one of the two things guys do by themselves." We don't find out what the first thing is, but House says the second thing involves the "other hand." I guess he's never been invited to a circle jerk.

With that, Chase says that even if House won't admit to being nice by inviting Chase, he still can't simply dismiss the concept of kindness. Chase points out that since the word exists, the concept must as well. That's stupid, Chase. Santa doesn't exist, either. By the way, scissors do exist, both in word and concept, so why not use them? Chase decides to keep on bonding with House, and even offers him some advice about Wilson. Cameron, he claims, has an "insufferable friend" who Chase couldn't stand to be around. So he simply told Cameron to see that friend on Thursdays only. Okay, I don't believe a word of this. There's no way Cameron has a friend, insufferable or otherwise. She must have been talking to a reflection of herself in a mirror and Chase got confused. Hell, he's probably wondering why that awful blonde women keeps coming over and sleeping with him and when his brunette girlfriend will come back. House, for his part, can't believe the amount of insufferable friends of Cameron is only one. With that, he gets an idea and Chase gets a strike. When he turns around to celebrate, House is gone. Aw. The look on Chase's face is probably the same on that was on Jesse Spencer's when he got the first script of this season and saw that his lines (all three of them!) were gone.

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