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Three Strikes

The ladies swoon as House plays his piano while waiting for CTB to drop Wilson off. There's a knock at the door, and it's some guy selling religion. House shoos him away as CTB and Wilson arrive. That was weird. Did someone win a walk-on role on House contest or something? Anyway, House informs CTB that she is sixteen minutes late. CTB shrugs it off, saying they're just going mini-golfing together and it's not like they have a tee-off time. Ah, CTB. Not even a regular cast member of this show and still one of my favorite people. Not only that, but right now she's getting more lines than the three who got the fellow jobs. Wilson says the tardiness is his fault because he had to take a shower. CTB is quick to say that was her fault. I guess she got lube all over him when they had sex. Also, ewww. House gets all jealous and orders CTB out of his house. "Have fun on your playdate. You've got Mommy's numbers, right?" CTB says on her way out. Yeah, go ahead and make fun of the situation you're fifty percent responsible for creating, CTB.

Biana walks into House's office, only to find Foreman sitting behind the desk. She has a theory about Jeff and a heart problem, but Foreman would rather fulfill his non-destiny by giving her a performance review. "I think you've shown remarkable strength in a difficult situation," he starts. Um, how is that any better than House's performance reviews? What is he even talking about? What "difficult situation?" For that matter, what "tremendous strength?" Biana doesn't bother with any of these questions, preferring instead of laugh at Foreman for thinking he's above her in any way. Foreman assures her the review will be a positive one, but Biana doesn't care. She has better things to do, and turns to leave. Ouch, Foreman. Maybe the New Cottages would respect you more if you, like, practiced medicine instead of sitting around the conference room all day. Just a thought! Kumar enters and says that House was right: Jeff has neurosyphilis.

Kumar gives Jeff and Deb the great news while Biana and Taub rudely watch the proceedings from the hall. Taub says he knows how it's going inside already: they'll say the test is wrong, Kumar will tell them he ran it twice to make sure. Then each spouses blame each other, which is stupid because obviously half of the pair is lying and knows it, and the other half will know it as well. Unless, Biana points out, they both cheated. Since this is House, I'm sure they did. Taub feelingly says that's what you hope for when you get caught -- until it actually happens. "Then you realize that that sucks worse," Taub sighs. I'm sorry, but if you cheat on your wife you don't get to be upset if she cheats on you, too. And if you do, maybe you should think about those hurt feelings the next time you decide to cheat, hmm? Biana just looks at Taub, all amused at these mortals and their preference for just one gender.

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