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Unlike usual cases, House says, the Cottages have been with him every step of the way and never argued anything because they all seem to have identical knowledge. They've been proceeding on this case assuming that things always have to make sense. If they don't, then one of their assumptions was wrong. But what if the only faulty assumption this time was that this whole thing was real and supposed to make sense? Foreman thinks that House is losing it. "I've lost it," House says. He starts to raise an arm, and Chase grabs him. House smiles and asks Chase why he would stop him unless he knew what House was going to do. Because Chase is House. Everything here is House. This has all been in his mind, not just the stuff we thought were hallucinations. As long as House's mind can keep everything making sense, the dream will continue. So all House has to do is something so out of the realm of possibility that it will snap him out of whatever dream world he's caught in.

With that, House grabs the robot controls and starts maneuvering them in a much less delicate manner than he did when Cameron was the patient. The Cottages try to stop him, saying that if he's right, then he's just having a nightmare that he'll wake up from, regardless of what happens inside it. But if he's wrong, he'll be committing murder. Cameron points out that even if this is a hallucination, it kind of rocks since House can walk and isn't in pain and gets to go to the taco stand all the time. I have to agree with her reasoning. The only time I've ever had a lucid dream involved me going to a Burger King and the guy working at the drive-thru was a friend from college who lived three thousand miles away. Since there was therefore no way he could be working at a Burger King, I figured I must be dreaming. So my friend ditched work and jumped in my car and we drove around trying to figure out what to do now that we could do anything. We were thinking of Thelma and Louising off a cliff, but then I got all logical and decided that since I wasn't 100% sure that this was a dream and not reality, I shouldn't risk doing anything stupid just in case. So my friend and I spent the rest of my dream driving down a highway with our seatbelts on observing the speed limit. It was so boring. House has wisely decided to go the opposite route, because although this dream world is nice, it isn't real and therefore it doesn't have meaning. Maybe if his actual dream world was as fun and cool as the one I made for him with the sex and the Stacy death, he would have wanted to stay there. Oh, well.

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