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Wilson finally shows up to work out in the physical therapy room in House's place, as House has decided to forgo the physical healing so he can figure out what's mentally wrong with him. Meanwhile, it kind of sucks that you have to start using a treadmill only two days after being shot twice. Wilson isn't so sure that House imagined the Wife Ghost, saying that he might have just seen a nurse or some other woman visiting Harpo and gotten confused. No, House says, there were no hot babes near Harpo and no one saw him talking to anyone when he collapsed. He's now sure the Wife Ghost was a hallucination, a by-product of whatever surgical mishap left his leg feeling no pain. House is worried that his mind will never be the same, and he'll never be able to trust it to practice medicine. He also wants to know why his medical charts say he was given ketamine during his surgery.

So House leaves the useless Wilson to ask Cuddy, who's trying to do her job down in the Clinic. House ignores her patient to ask why he was given ketamine and put in a coma. When she doesn't answer, he threatens to beat the truth out of his surgeon, and walks off to do that. Cuddy watches him stalk off to do this, walking normally without needing his cane, and blurts out "it worked!" What worked? Well, she decided to go ahead and do an experimental procedure wherein a patient with chronic pain is put into a coma to let his brain "re-boot" itself. Cuddy says that there is a 50% chance that House's pain will come back -- and a 50% chance that it won't. House is less thrilled about this than Cuddy. In fact, he's absolutely furious that she went ahead and messed with his brain without his consent or knowledge. "Why are you so upset?" Cuddy asks, because apparently her brain was also re-booted but the operating system crashed, leaving her totally stupid. House denies experiencing any neurological side effects, saying his anger is just a "point of principle."

The Cottages do the blood-brain barrier biopsy and tell House that they didn't find anything except blood on the wrong side of the barrier. Meanwhile, Cameron is concerned that Shooter McGavin has been sleeping a lot, which House dismisses by saying that he upped the guy's sedative dose, presumably to keep him unconscious and quiet. That's better than lowering the guy's morphine and making him suffer, although I have to say that while I'm usually angry when House or any of the Cottages cause their patients undue harm, I very much understand it in this instance.

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