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House says that the blood on the brain side of the barrier indicates cancer, even though all the tests for it have been negative. He goes back to his trash can analogy, saying that when your trash cans are full, you throw your stuff in your neighbors' trash cans. Except that you can't just do that out in the open and get caught -- you have to sneak outside and through the alley and then dump your trash by their garage. House sure does know a lot about secret trash disposal. Is it that hard to just leave your trash bag right next to your full can? Anyway, Chase immediately catches on to what House is saying and says that he'll go check the lymphatic system in Harpo's chest. House is annoyed: "You got that from trash cans in the alley?" You see, he makes these little analogy things deliberately confusing and hard to follow because he doesn't want anyone but him to know what he's talking about. This time, Chase did. House is saying that they should check the next lymph system over from the one they already biopsied -- the one in the lungs. The Cottages go off to do this, and the not-so-asleep-after-all Shooter McGavin asks House whether Chase knew what he was talking about because Chase is getting smarter or because House is getting dumber. I very much doubt it's the former.

Oh, and here's a fun close-up of a lung lymph biopsy!

And back to Shooter McGavin, telling House off some more that House thinks he's a rebel who doesn't follow society's rules, but has really just substituted his own rules. And they are to always tell the "blunt, honest truth in the starkest, darkest way." And whatever happens after that is what should happen. If people don't follow House's rule, they're cowards. Meanwhile, this moment-of-truth speech has put House to sleep. Me too, if it doesn't stop soon. Shooter continues that people aren't polite because it's nice and tactful and "cowardly;" they do it because they "have an ounce of humility" and know that they'll make the same mistakes and those mistakes will have consequences. So, then, they are cowardly if the reason why they don't make fun of people is that they don't want to be made fun of themselves, right? What the hell is Shooter even saying? "Why do you want so bad not to be human, House?" he whispers to his roommate, who's still trying to sleep. For all Shooter's talk about politeness and humility, he sure is rude when it comes to roommate etiquette.

The Cottages come in with some news, and Shooter tells them that he knows House is only pretending to be asleep, because House's nostrils always flare when he's sleeping. Creepy. Cameron and Foreman tell House that the biopsy was negative and they're still clueless as to what's causing Harpo's problems.

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