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The Simplest Explanation...

House does a little mental math and says that his two-illness theory is a million to one shot, while Foreman's cardiac infection theory is, as Chase previously stated, a ten million to one shot. Thus, House's theory is ten times better than Foreman's. Foreman just looks down at his ugly tie. Chase says that they'll run the tests to prove House's double diagnosis. "Tests take time. Treatment's quicker," House responds, and orders Brandon to be put on drugs for a sinus infection and hypothyroidism. I agree that time is precious in these situations, but the half an hour it takes to run a hypothyroidism panel is pretty negligible. I'm starting to think House deliberately treats patients for illnesses they don't have because he likes to torture them.

Cameron administers the hypothyroidism drug while Mindy demands specifics from her about what is wrong with Brandon. Like everyone else, Mindy's a little skeptical about the whole two-things-at-once theory, and Cameron's totally-insecure-sounding "bad luck huh?," followed by a nervous chuckle, probably doesn't do much to make her feel better. Suddenly, an overbearing mother enters the room, followed by an anonymous father. They're Brandon's parents, and they dash across Brandon's miles-long ICU room to see their son. Brandon lets Cameron off the convincing-two-disease-theory-explanation hook by interrupting her to introduce his parents to Mindy -- his fiancée. The Branrents aren't exactly thrilled.

Cameron gets the hell out of the Room of Awkward Family Issues and meets up with the other Cottages. Surprise, surprise! They're not too thrilled with House's theory. Foreman, still smarting over the tie comment, isn't happy with House, either. He doesn't like being someone's "puppet." Chase and Cameron stick up for House because they're little suck-ups, Cameron pointing out that House's crazy theories are usually right and Chase saying the fact that House "thinks outside the box" doesn't make him evil. No, but the way he talks to people makes him kind of an asshole. I wouldn't be very thrilled with the guy if I had spent most of my life working my ass off to become a doctor, only to have a boss who treats me like I'm a total moron, either. Foreman invites them to join him in the lab to run virus tests, just in case their boss is wrong. Which he usually is two out of three times an episode, but he's still got a better batting average than the Cottages, who are always, always wrong.

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