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The Simplest Explanation...

Back in the lab, Foreman takes a break from running tests that could save someone's life to tell Cameron how "impressed" he is with her. Silly Cameron thinks Foreman's talking about her medical abilities. Foreman clarifies that he was talking about how Cameron was able to gain total control over Chase, who has apparently been stricken with severe hearing loss as he is right behind Foreman but doesn't hear anything he says. Foreman says that Chase isn't even attracted to Cameron, yet he now can't look at her without thinking about sex. Well, that's the sort of thing you want to hear when you're the only female on a team that often finds itself hidden away in dark and secluded labs. I wonder if the hospital gift shop sells mace. Cameron asks why a woman can't talk about sex without its being interpreted as a "power play." House suddenly enters the room and the conversation to tell Cameron that when you look like she does, you should be aware of the effect your words will have on men. House probably thinks that scantily-clad women deserve to get raped, too. "Men should grow up," says Cameron, although she must kind of enjoy the attention her looks get since she hasn't handed in her resignation yet. Or maybe she just doesn't like being respected. House pops a pill and says he figured he would find his little Cottages in the lab trying to prove his theory wrong. He tells them to talk to him after they've spun the urine. Good times.

House's alone time with Wilson (oh, hello, Wilson! Long time, no see) is interrupted by Foreman, who says the urine test shows that Brandon's renal failure was not caused by the antibiotics after all. He asks House how he knew that. House says that while the Cottages were wrapped in a futile effort to prove him wrong, he was spending time with the patient. Yes, House says, it was he who visited poor Brandon to hold his hand and tell him that he was not alone. Okay, it was actually Wilson. Anyway, Brandon's condition has improved, and therefore, House was right and Foreman was wrong. Foreman leaves to see Brandon for himself. "That smugness of yours really is an attractive quality," Wilson tells House, who responds that smugness is easier to maintain than highlights. Wilson asks House why he can't just be a little nicer to his underlings. House asks what saying "nice try," would accomplish. Wilson says Foreman would "go home not feeling like a piece of crap." House says he doesn't want his doctors going home.

Foreman stops by Brandon's room. He looks much better, although he still has that cough. Foreman orders a few more tests, because he knows there's a way to prove House wrong, and he'd rather keep working to do it than go home.

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