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Meanwhile, House has to sign off on various forms to let a med student be his next Cottage. Cuddy watches, feeling victorious that she got House to hire her suggestion, but House says he wanted Martha as soon as she called Cuddy a coward. She says good-night to House with a kiss and a slap on the ass.

Joe watches Senator Hal's victory speech. He says that a lot of people contributed to this win, but "one person" stands out beyond all the rest. Of course, he's not going to give Joe the shout-out here, but instead his wife Loretta gets the nod. Joe doesn't seem to mind, though. I wonder how Loretta will feel when she finds out her husband probably gave her hepatitis C.

And then a nurse asks Cuddy where Senator Hal's medical records are, since she saw House with him in the Clinic on the same day and around the same time House ran that hep C test on Joe. OOPS. Cuddy's eyes well with tears like she didn't think this was going to happen and now it's her turn for a dramatic slow-motion walk.

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