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While Joe gets an MRI (of DOOOM!!), Foreman mutters that he's going to talk to Martha and give her some tips on how to handle House. Chase tells him not to, since he's finding this House vs. Martha stuff very entertaining and he doesn't think House will fire Martha so soon anyway, seeing as how Cuddy will stop having sex with him if he does. Joe pipes up to say that he doesn't think they're going to find any tumors in him since he believes he has awesome judgment, as not only did he not leak the ad, but also whoever did was actually being very smart since he believes that ad is going to win the election for Senator Hal. Joe points out that Chase entered this country legally and not without some difficulty, and so he should resent people who do so illegally more than anyone else. It took him five years to get his green card? What a moron. All my dad had to do was marry my mom. Joe says the best part of that ad is that it isn't even true -- Moreno hasn't said anything about giving illegal immigrants amnesty and the picture of him next to a Mexican flag was taken at a completely unrelated event. He thinks this proves that his judgment is sound. Foreman agrees, noting that Joe is also free of tumors. Not to mention extremely pleased with himself.

Foreman heads to the lab to check on Taub and the blood tests for DIC. He makes a crack about Taub being old and decrepit, and Taub says that's rich coming from Foreman, since Taub thinks he's in better shape than him. "You're in rounder shape," Foreman says. Do the writers hate Peter Jacobson or something? Why so many jabs at his age and appearance all the time? Taub challenges Foreman to a basketball game after work. Foreman readily accepts.

Senator Hal stops by to visit Joe, who accuses him of leaking the ad since he and Hal were the only two people with a copy of it and Joe knows it wasn't him. Hal grins and says the polls show that Moreno's lead over him has decreased to just two points. Hal and Joe are very pleased with themselves until Taub and Foreman come in to say that both of their diagnoses were proven wrong. They want to explore the toxin theory again, but Taub notices that Joe is now peeing blood. Good-bye, kidneys!

Back in the meeting room, Martha is able to come up with a new diagnosis of Henoch-Schönlein purpura that sounds good enough to everyone and even earns her faint praise from House, even though he's still smarting because she didn't get his earlier bleeding heart/bleeding urine joke. But when Martha recommends either steroids or chemotherapy as the next course of action, House tells her to cross steroids off that list, as he'd prefer to give Joe the more effective chemotherapy to confirm their diagnosis that much sooner. Or, you know, prove that the diagnosis is wrong and expose Joe to chemotherapy for no reason. House says if Joe knows about the less scary steroids option, that's what he'll pick. So he doesn't want anyone to tell Joe about it. Of course, Martha thinks withholding information is wrong and that all they have to do is explain the pros and cons of steroids and chemo to Joe and he'll be sure to make the correct choice of chemo. Since when did Martha decide that she was an expert on people?

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