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Joe wants the steroids. House is standing by to witness his prediction coming true and also to call Joe stupid for good measure. Joe doesn't want to go with chemo because it'll leave him feeling like crap at a crucial time in the election, even though Senator Hal urges him to get the chemo. Joe refuses and demands to be started on steroids right away.

Taub and Foreman prepare to face off on the basketball court. Foreman expects this to be an easy victory for him, but then Taub nails a free-throw. And another. And then, when Foreman actually tries to guard him, he sneaks around Foreman and gets a third point with a lay-up. Oh shit! It's Muggsy Bogues time! Muggsy Bogues is the short man's hero. Foreman is able to get a point over Taub, and then he follows that up with two more, one of which he gains by checking Taub out of the way. And then we watch a one-on-one basketball game in a poorly-lit gym that showcases Peter Jacobson's surprising basketball skills. Omar Epps', too, but we already knew he could play because we all saw Love and Basketball. In the end, Foreman wins with 11 to Taub's 7. But he will admit that Taub has plenty of youth left in him. Which means there must be yet another reason why he hates Martha so much.

Martha rushes into House's office to alert him that they're about to give Joe the wrong medicine and she can't change the order since she's not a doctor. House, of course, was the one who changed the order to chemo in the first place and so he fully supports giving Joe a medication he specifically refused. Is chemo something that you can just switch out with steroids? Like, don't you have to be in a special room with a special set-up to get it? I don't think it's as simple and hooking up an IV line, is it? Of course, Martha threatens to tell on House. House says that for potentially risking his patient's life like that, she's fired. Martha says she's still going to tell Joe the truth. House says he'll have her thrown out of medical school if she does, and he's ready, willing, and able to lie to whoever he has to do it.

After the break, Foreman urges House to hire Martha back, saying he thinks they need someone like her on the team. Well, then, I guess they shouldn't have let Cameron leave, since there was a time when she was the annoying moral backbone of this show. Taub, of course, thinks they're fine without her. And Chase wants everyone to know that Joe now has a pulmonary edema, which rules out Martha's HSP diagnosis and means if House was able to give Joe that chemo, it would have been unnecessary, so Martha was right not to want him to do it. House says it was Martha's diagnosis that was wrong in the first place, so she shouldn't get too much credit for this. Taub suggests schistosomiasis, an exotic infection that Joe could have caught from the exotic fish in his tank at home. Really? Because he's just going around touching his fish? That is some thin reasoning. House orders the three to grab some sample sea life from Joe's house. They leave just as Cuddy arrives.

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