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He fires Martha again, which pisses her off enough to bring them both back into Cuddy's office. Martha tattles that House wants to give Joe hepatitis A. Cuddy, of course, refuses to let him do this. "That's an extremely cowardly position," Martha says. I guess Cuddy is now seeing why Martha has such a hard time working with other people. Cuddy doesn't understand why Martha is giving her shit when she's the one who brought this to Cuddy's attention in the first place. Martha says she only wanted Cuddy to know about it because that's standard protocol for an "unconventional treatment," but she still thinks they should put patient care over a fear of lawsuits from Joe's family after he dies from hepatitis A and C. Cuddy points out that they don't even know for a fact that Joe has hep C, which Martha admits is a good argument. Cuddy says if House can prove that Joe has hep C, then she'll agree to the hep A "treatment." Wow, way to stick to your guns, Cuddy. It only took a third-year med student all of three seconds to change your mind. Pathetic. House says that's impossible, but Cuddy says she's sure two geniuses can figure something out if they put their eggheads together.

But they will not be working together, as House says he's going to have to do this the unethical way, and Martha just fires herself and leaves. House walks into his office and finds the Cottages there, now out of jail and ready to figure out a way to give House a positive hep C test. Chase asks why they don't just test Senator Hal for hep C and assume that if he has it, so does Joe. Yeah, I'm so sure he'll agree to that. Please. Also, House says, a positive hep C test for someone else won't be enough for Cuddy. Taub says they can just run the test over and over again and hope they hit on one of the 0.1% of the times when it comes back with the wrong results. Well, that's going to be a lot of fun and shouldn't take that long at all.

The writers remember that Wilson exists, so House goes to see him. He says if he doesn't lie to Cuddy then his patient will die. But that lie doesn't guarantee that the patient will live, either. Wilson says House has to choose between being honest and facing potential medical consequences or lying and facing potential personal consequences. Thank you for your two minutes of screentime, Wilson. See you next week!

House lies on the floor and thinks about things for a while before heading down to the Clinic to draw blood from Senator Hal that will be tested for hep C. Hal just wants to make sure that no one knows that he got hep C from doing coke, which is understandable. Although he did just walk through the freaking PPTH free clinic, so people might figure out that some is up. House says that Hal didn't fill out any paperwork and he's going to use an "assumed name" to run the test, so Hal's secret should be safe. That assumed name, of course, is Joe's.

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