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House brings Cuddy a positive hep C test result as she requested. Cuddy says she really appreciates that House "respects" her enough to follow her instructions instead of trying to undermine them. Yeah, I'm so sure it's about respect and not sex. Oh, and that he actually followed her instructions. Come on, Cuddy. Didn't she say she didn't want House to change? And yet, here she is, demanding that he be a forthright and responsible employee. And it's still not good enough for her since House still has to hire a new female Cottage. House says he's got that under control, and finds Martha in the cafeteria wearing another hideous outfit and offers her the job again if she can convince Joe into letting them infect him with hep A. He suggests that she not tell Joe that there's an 85% chance he'll die. Martha refuses, but House reminds her that if she doesn't tell Joe what the slim chances of success are, he'll agree to the treatment and there's a 15% chance he'll live. If she does tell him, though, he definitely won't agree to it and there's a 100% chance he'll die.

While House looks on, Martha tells Joe that they want to give him hep A to make him better. Of course, he asks what the chances that this treatment will actually work are. Martha sighs and says there's an 85% chance that the "treatment" will kill Joe, but it's the only chance he has to survive and, she points out, House believes this so strongly that he faked a blood test to get approval for this treatment and tried to bribe Martha into lying to Joe about the risks, offenses that could get him suspended or his medical license revoked. House does not like where this conversation is going. "He's risking his career to give you this chance," Martha says. See? Sometimes telling the truth works! As long as you throw House under the bus to tell it.

Joe agrees to the treatment, and House calls Martha an idiot in the hall for still believing that telling the truth is a good thing. Martha says that House must want her truth-telling in his team, otherwise he wouldn't have set her up like that in front of Joe. House says that could be it, or maybe he just wants to be there when Martha realizes that telling the truth and having principles means nothing. He says when he's done with her, she will not only lie to a patient, but she'll also want to lie to a patient. Martha says that will never happen. "See you tomorrow," House says. Martha walks away in slow-motion.

She's back to regular speed and yet another beyond ugly outfit when she finds Taub in the locker room. He exposits that Joe seems to be one of the 15% who doesn't die from the hep A and C combo, then begins to apologize to her, only for her to cut him off and ask if he interviewed her at Hopkins once. Taub acts like he had no idea about that until just now. Martha says she wanted to say something to Taub about it on the first day, but she wasn't sure how to broach the subject. He tells her not to worry about it, and now he has no reason to hate her irrationally.

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