One Day, One Room

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One Day, One Womb

Because Cameron's a girl and probably knows more about this kind of thing, House goes with her advice and tells Eve that she needs to talk about the rape. She won't, because she doesn't think he wants to hear about it. Well, who does? And really, if you find someone who likes hearing about how you got raped, that's probably the one person you shouldn't talk to. House pamphlets that Eve did nothing to deserve what happened to her, and that it wasn't her fault. She says she knows all that. House asks her what she wants him to tell her, then. Don't ask her that, House. Because she's going to say "I don't know." Actually, she says, "I just want to talk."

Oh, no. Cameron asks Mr. B-Plot why he's so determined to suffer. Mr. B-Plot says that he gave his word to his father that he would. "He said I would die alone and miserable," says Mr. B-Plot. "That's not a promise," Cameron points out. True, but I'm not sure that semantics are really the issue here. I don't know what it is, but it's not that. "Why did your husband have to suffer?" Mr. B-Plot asks, and I officially hate him. Cameron was doing so well not bringing that shit up and he had to go and do it. Asshole! Cameron's jaw drops, and she asks him how he knows about her husband. "I just know," he says. And also because the back of Cameron's lab coat has a bumper sticker on it that reads "Ask me about my Poor Dead Husband." Mr. B-Plot finally admits that a nurse told him about Cameron's Poor Dead Husband. Evil Nurse Brenda strikes again! I love that Cameron's Poor Dead Husband is the talk of the nursing staff, though, so much so that they'll tell weird old homeless guys of questionable mental stability about it. "I'm sorry. I was just trying to freak you out," Mr. B-Plot admits. "Why?" asks Cameron. Because he's an asshole? Who cares? I don't. "I need someone to remember me," says Mr. B-Plot. Cameron stares at him with love in her eyes. Do I hear wedding bells?

House and Eve chat about college. Eve majored in Comparative Religion. By the end of this episode, we all will have, too. House starts telling Eve that her attachment to House isn't rational, and that everything has to be rational. "I was raped. Explain how that makes sense to you," says Eve. It makes more sense than her deciding that House should be at her beck and call and House then doing it. "Has anything terrible ever happened to you?" Eve asks House. Well, that's a fun topic of conversation. Let's impose on House even more than we already have. When House protests, Eve says, "You wanted this conversation." "You wanted it?" Dude, I think Eve is raping House. Annoyingly.

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