One Day, One Room

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One Day, One Womb

In the hall, Cuddy says that she did a pregnancy test on Eve, since House decided not to. And guess what? Eve's pregnant. Life couldn't suck any more for House. And, I guess, for Eve. And for the rape baby, who got flooded with an OD's worth of benzodiazepine. That can't be good for the development process. For the people on the forums who were wondering how they could get positive pregnancy test results so soon after the conception, hospitals do blood tests which test for the same hormone but can detect lower levels of it, making them more accurate then the home urine tests, so that they can be done earlier in the pregnancy. So they could get a positive result so soon, although I don't know why they would try for it and risk a false negative. Also, considering that the PPTH lab is staffed by people who aren't actually medical technicians, I don't know why they would use it at all.

After the commercial, House is sitting on Eve's bed, telling her the news. She says she feels the same as she did before she knew she was pregnant and House moves on to discussing the "termination procedure," but Eve says no way. Abortion is murder, she states. House tries to disguise his contempt and says that "it's a life. And you should end it." Eve says that every life is sacred to God. When did she get all churchy?! For someone who thinks God should be the one to determine when you live or die, she sure was quick to try to kill herself, wasn't she? House points out that God doesn't really seem to care about human life all that much, judging by all the natural disasters he likes inflicting on people. Oh no! That's my logic for why I don't want to believe in God. I say that if there is a God and he lets horrible things happen to people, then I don't want any part of him. And I certainly don't want to spend my eternity in Heaven with it. I'd rather suffer in Hell with all my like-minded friends. Plus, I read in Dante's Inferno that there's one circle of Hell where it's just really windy, and that one sounded like it could be fun. I'm going to shoot for that one when I die, I think. Anyway, House tests Eve's "all life is sacred" theory, asking if the lives of Hitler or the guy who raped her are sacred. "My child isn't Hitler," says Eve. Well...not yet. One hopes, with the right kind of parenting, he'll be able to fully realize his potential. "I don't wanna chat about philosophy!" Eve says when the argument gets too difficult for her. "You're not killing your rape baby because of a philosophy," says House. House, don't call it a rape baby. I mean, honestly, now. Eve says that she's opposed to murder, and asks if House isn't. "Not as a general rule," he replies. But when it's unborn children and Broadway legends, it's alllll good. Maybe Eve can give her rape baby to Cuddy. Oh god please don't let that happen. I'm sorry I said anything. House says that birth is the dividing line, in a practical if not moral sense, between whether you can kill a baby or not. Oh, please. There's really no difference between a baby the day before it's born and the day after. There's definitely one between a baby the day before it's born and nine months before it's born. I'm not pro-life, but that doesn't make me pro-abortion either. I'm pro-choice, and that includes a rape victim choosing whether she'll keep the baby, ideally after giving the matter due consideration. And that's the rape victim doing the choosing, not a random asshole doctor she has a weird attachment to. Also, I don't think the rape victim should have to make a choice, like, three seconds after finding out that she's pregnant. She's got eleven weeks to decide before the end of the first trimester; why not let her use them? Like it or not, abortion is a huge decision to have to make, and it should be.

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