One Day, One Room

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One Day, One Womb

Eve says that House is enjoying this conversation, unlike when he tried to talk about personal stuff. Good observation, Eve. TAKE THE HINT. House just says that "there are no answers. If there are no answers, why talk about it?" So if you've been abused in the past, there are no answers, but if you're pregnant with a rape baby, there are? Because, really, I'd say there's no right answer for the rape baby thing no matter what you do. That's why abortion is such a hotly contested issue and child abuse isn't. Child abuse = wrong. Abortion = good points on both sides. House gets fed up and tells Eve, "You're healthy. You shouldn't be here." I mean, he said it all nice and gentle, but I think secretly he really wants her to leave. "I don't wanna go," Eve pouts. Have fun explaining that one to your insurance, Eve. If you thought House was unsympathetic and cruel, just you wait. "Wanna go for a walk?" asks House. I hope it'll be a long one. Off a short pier.

Cameron runs into Mr. B-Plot's room with a marriage proposal. I'm sorry, I meant "with a huge dose of morphine she tries to force into him." Even though he's supposed to be really close to death, he still has the strength to fight off Cameron. He says that he needs to suffer so that Cameron will remember him. She swears that she'll remember him whether he suffers or not. "Why?" asks Mr. B-Plot. "Because you're a nice man!" Cameron replies. "You don't know that!" Mr. B-Plot shoots back. And here's where I thought he was going to reveal that he had just raped some blonde girl who looked a lot like Scarlett Johansson and this whole episode would come together for me...but he didn't. "I have no family, I have no friends. I didn't even have a real job," says Mr. B-Plot. Well, I guess you should have thought about that during the fifty or so years you weren't dying of lung cancer and maybe done something about that? Mr. B-Plot doesn't want to be "just another patient"; he wants his death to matter, because his life didn't. "Don't do that to either of us," Cameron begs, and hey, Mr. B-Plot, here's your chance to do something for someone and not make some poor woman watch you die in horrible pain and have to live with that. But, of course, he doesn't. He just keeps suffering, and Cameron puts the morphine down and watches him, wondering if he'll survive long enough for the blood tests to come back for their marriage license.

Back at the park, House tells Eve that he comes to the park hoping to see a jogger break a leg. Eve doesn't believe him, but I do. Why wouldn't he want everyone to have the same handicap he does? He asks Eve why she thinks she got raped, if God is supposed to be a great entity who doesn't intentionally allow millions of people to suffer. Of course, Eve doesn't want to talk about it. Too bad, says House. Why doesn't Eve just make the argument that God kind of raped Mary to make Jesus, so obviously he's cool with the rape babies? Eve starts crying again, and I am so sick of her. House says that if you live for God, then your life is insignificant and pointless. If you live for yourself, then your life is the most important thing in the universe. That's a much better way to look at things, he thinks. Oh, but Eve says that if you don't believe in eternity, then your actions on Earth are irrelevant. If there aren't any "ultimate consequences," she says, then nothing matters: "I couldn't live like that." Okay, so, don't. Choose to believe in God and an afterlife and live your life that way. Millions and millions of people do, and it works for them. As long as your religious beliefs and opinions about the afterlife aren't causing you to fly planes into buildings, that's awesome. How do you graduate college with a fucking religion degree and have a crisis of faith after one doctor challenges you? Come on, Eve. Basically, though, it all comes down to Eve needing to know that the guy who raped her will be punished somehow. And she'll have to depend on the afterlife for that, since she refuses to go to the police. House asks her if that belief is making her feel good right now. Eve: "I was raped. What's your excuse?" The piano plays its mournful tune.

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