One Day, One Room

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One Day, One Womb

And over on the alternate timeline, it's even darker outside when Cameron cleans up dead Mr. B-Plot and notes the lack of a wedding ring on his finger. Next time opportunity knocks, Cameron, you'd better answer it. Also, I don't care about your personal struggle or that of some guy who had an entire life to live and didn't make it meaningful.

House and Wilson play foosball. Cuddy comes in, and House tells her that Eve terminated her pregnancy after all and has been discharged. Um...hooray? I'm...really glad the rape baby is dead? I'm sure Eve was in the right frame of mind to really consider that decision, so it was the right one for her? I don't know how we're supposed to feel about Eve's decision here. She was emotionally vulnerable, and the guy she attached herself to strong-armed her into aborting a baby after she had, like, an hour to think about it. There is no "right" answer when it comes to abortion, but there is a wrong one. And that might have been it. But I guess we're not supposed to think that. This show is amazing in that it can make me root for a drug abuser over a cop and think that an incestuous marriage isn't such a bad thing, but sometimes I think it pushes things a little too far. Cuddy tells House that he "did good" by getting Eve to talk about what happened. She'll be okay now, Cuddy says. House doesn't think so. Talking about bad things doesn't necessarily make you feel better. I'm guessing that telling Eve about his father didn't have a healing effect on House. Wilson starts asking House why he even talked to Eve if he felt that way, and House takes that opportunity to score a goal on him. Ha! Wilson just makes an "oh, of course," look. "Because...I don't know," House answers. Wilson asks if House is going to follow up with Eve. "One day, one room," is all House says in reply. And then he decides not to spend any more moments in a room with Cuddy and Wilson. I can't help thinking that it's too bad Mr. B-Plot had so much life and did nothing with it, while Rape Baby didn't get the chance to do anything at all.

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