One Day, One Room

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One Day, One Womb

Suddenly, some guy starts screaming and running around the Clinic holding his head. "Call Security," Cuddy orders. Ha! House has two gunshot wounds to prove how effective Security is. I'm pretty sure PPTH's crack security team consists of two retired women who volunteer on weekday mornings. Although I shouldn't underestimate how deadly PPTH's volunteers can be. House heads toward the pharmacy, where PharMarco asks if he should prepare a sedative. "No, I'm good, thanks," House says. Marco just looks at House. Marco should be glad House hasn't shoved his cane somewhere unpleasant after Marco tattled on him to Shitter, thereby prolonging that storyline. The guy is still running around in circles screaming while everyone else stands there watching him. I guess Evil Nurse Brenda isn't working today, or she would have shoved a pen through his neck by now. So it's up to House, and he picks up a random syringe, trips the guy with his cane, tosses the cane off to Cuddy in a sweet little move, and then jabs the guy in the ass with the needle. By the way, if the need for an actor to play the patient in a scene like this should arise again, House casting people, I am free, and one of my acting strengths is running around in circles screaming. (This also applies if Chase or Foreman need to do anything to a patient's butt, although I doubt that's even worth mentioning since they never do anything, period.) Call me! The guy stops screaming and moving, and House rolls him over. He's frozen in place, his mouth and eyes open. It is not dignified. House says that they need a team right away. Marco runs over, sedative in hand, only to get told off by Cuddy for taking forever to get it. That's not fair, Cuddy. How is Marco supposed to find a sedative in a timely manner when those pharmacy shelves are packed to the gills with Vicodin? House grabs the sedative from Marco, and Cuddy asks him what he shot the guy up with if it wasn't a sedative. House says that it was a paralytic. A paralytic that he just found, in the syringe, on the pharmacy counter? What the hell? Cuddy's pissed, noting that the paralytic means the patient is still in terrible pain, delirious, and now unable to breathe. All because House didn't want to wait three seconds for Marco to get the real sedative? That's horrible! The poor guy! Fortunately, a team arrives to help him to breathe, and House tells Cuddy that he's found a patient for reals. Which means no more Clinic duty.

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