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Everybody Hurts

Cuddy goes to see Cameron in the ER. Amazingly, she finds Cameron working, but Cameron is happy to leave her patient to talk to her boss. Cuddy asks Cameron if she did House's budget report so he'd take Jeff on as a patient, and Cameron says she did, hoping that seeing and curing someone worse off than himself would show House that he has something to look forward to. Instead, I think it only showed him what to dread. Cuddy randomly follows this up with another question: "how would you like my job?" Cameron clearly thinks that Cuddy has gone insane, as do we all. Meanwhile, the rest of the doctors on staff who have been at PPTH longer than Cameron and worked harder are probably all going to quit once they see the pretty young doctor getting a promotion like this over all of them. But at least it'll get Cameron out of the ER, so the patients there will be safe. And it's always nice to see one of the former Cottages get more than three seconds of screen time per episode.

And here's another something for the ladies! House fills up his bath with steaming hot water (is he trying to boil himself alive?) and gets in, using his shower pole as an aid to help him over the tub wall. That's when he realizes that doing that was what pulled the pipe open in the first place. He keeps doing it anyway, because while it would be cheaper to just install a handicapped rail, he'd rather pay extra for plumber bribes and fake lawyer fees than admit he needs help.

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