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Everybody Hurts

A plumber inspects House's ceiling while House tries to leave for work. He hates people so much that he'd rather be at work than stuck in his bedroom with this guy. He offers to write the guy a check for his insurance deductible and let him see himself out, but the plumber says that the damage is not covered by House's policy since it's the result of negligence. First of all, since when did plumbers go after people's insurance companies for money and only make the customer pay the deductible? This isn't medical or car insurance. I don't think it works like that. Second of all, how is the plumber knowledgeable enough about House's policy that he instantly knows what it does and does not cover? He claims that the pipe didn't burst or rust through -- it was pulled apart, probably by pressure on the showerhead it's connected to. House denies ever pulling on his showerhead, but the plumber doesn't care. He hands House an estimate of $2200 and takes off.

Awkward times ahead in the Huntington's trial! Foreman is holding Hadley's hand to check for Huntington's symptoms, and makes sure to tell Hadley that there is no intimacy involved. Hadley tells him to lay off and understand her reasons for not wanting to be involved with him. Foreman says she needs "support," but Hadley points out that Jeff needs support, too, and he's traumatized his support system several times over. Foreman says he's sure Jeff's family is glad to have him around, sick or healthy, and wouldn't trade him for anything. He says this as if Hadley's never had to deal with a sick family member. I'm pretty sure she would have traded her mother for a healthy one in a hot second back in the day. Hadley just says that Jeff's family has to suffer along with Jeff.

Kumar and Taub walk right on in with Jeff's MRI results, saying he has intestinal muscle damage and air is leaking into his body. Kumar thinks it's a result of a blockage in one of Jeff's arteries, thereby cutting off the blood flow to his intestines. Hadley says if he has blockages like that all over his body, then that would explain the intermittent muscle pain. Foreman tells Taub and Kumar to do an angioplasty on Jeff's blocked artery and check for any other blockages. Hadley immediately volunteers to help them. Foreman is sad, but since his goatee is a little too long, I can only laugh at him. Shave, dude.

House finally arrives at work to find the Cottages hanging out in his office not working. For some reason, Taub spends his idle time licking the hell out of envelopes, probably with resumes in them as he desperately applies for a job away from the co-workers he seems to hate. Foreman explains that they diagnosed Jeff with vascular problems in House's absence and Kumar and Hadley are off fixing them right now. House disagrees with the diagnosis. When Taub pipes up that the air in Jeff's intestines must have come from somewhere, House gets an idea.

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