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House Arrest

Wilson tells Foreman that he should let House go to the boxing match. But the answer is no, because House has to believe Foreman has authority. So Wilson can't go either. His job is to be House's friend and sit with him, bitching about Foreman. Wilson accepts this plan, since Foreman frames it as the only way to get House through his parole.

Phil (Rachel's boyfriend) tells Taub it was wrong of him to confront him. Rachel says she does still want to go to Portland, for which she would need Taub's permission, but he interprets this as an attempt at manipulation. She points out that this is clearly because he's back working for House. Oh, and they're calling Sophia "Sophie" now so both of Taub's daughters have names that make me think of a small white dog.

House has diabetes guy back in. His heart rate is very slow. House explains that the anti-diabetes meals he's been eating have bok choy, which is making him sick. Is that a thing?

Ben can't believe he has cancer. He mopes about how he could die. "If my father had lived, everything could have been different." Taub talks about the love of his mother and stepdad. BEEP BEEP BEEP! I'm glad that happened (sorry, Ben!) because this discussion was going nowhere.

So it's not Burkitt's lymphoma. Outside the patient's room, House looks at his minions expectantly. There's a pause. House mocks the first two suggestions. While they're not paying attention, Mitchell comes in. The biological dad, remember? But Taub didn't call him. The stepdad did! The mother won't let Mitchell in to see his comatose son. Mitchell sadly turns to leave. House tells him to wait. He deduces that he sexually molested his son. He can also tell from his walk that he has late-stage syphilis, which he presumably gave to his son twelve years ago. Mitchell leaves. Man, this took a dark turn all of a sudden, didn't it? Taub says they tested for syphilis. House says it was hiding in the brain. But the junk punch (at the party in the opening scene) turned it back on. The immunosuppressants caused problems. Anyway, it's an extreme Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction. The mother says that when she found out about the abuse, Ben didn't seem traumatized, but he also forgot about it. So she made Mitchell vanish. Quietly, House prescribes some penicillin and antibodies. He's surprisingly delicate about this, although he does use the phrase "daddy-rape."

Out in the hall, Adams is furious that Ben isn't going to be told about being molested. House decides to make that Taub's choice on the grounds that he's a father. He also decrees that Mitchell's sexual partners (and the police) need to be told about the syphilis.

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