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House Arrest

Ben asks what was wrong with him. Taub tells him it was syphilis. Ben points out that he hasn't had sex. There is a pause while Taub apparently decides what to tell him. Ben's mother is right there; shouldn't this be her job?

Taub enters House's office to say, "I didn't tell him." House appears to praise him for following his brain, not his heart. It's hard to tell with him. I think he's saying that Taub will be a good father. Let's pretend he is!

House joins Adams in the elevator. She decides that his new veneer of indifference is a mere tactic designed to trick her into revealing secrets from her childhood. He claims the incompletes are already proof her parents screwed her up, so he doesn't need the details. She says she got incompletes after she ran away from home because she was the only kid she knew whose parents weren't dysfunctional. She thought divorced parents were deeper or something. So she hitchhiked to Manhattan and spent two months there before going home. House goes with, "Your parents screwed you up by not screwing you up." Then he leaps to saying her fascination with broken families is why she wanted to work with prisoners. "It's why I wanted to work with you," she parries. House admits, "It was a tactic."

Taub hesitates, and then knocks on a door. He would like to talk to Rachel and Phil. He pats Sophie on the head and tells her he can't let her move. But he apparently told Rachel that already. So what's the deal here? He walks down the corridor. I don't really care about Taub's personal life.

Wilson arrives at House's apartment with pizza and beer. He turns on the television, where he's obviously going to see House in the front row. And there he is. With Foreman, which is actually a surprise to me! So it was all an elaborate scam in which House and Foreman worked together? That's neat. Wilson shakes his head ruefully and eats some pizza. Might as well, right?

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